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April’s come and almost gone, along with its famous April showers. Here in the west of Ireland, we’ve been switching rapidly back and forth between sunshine and rain (sometimes in the space of five minutes!)

With the lingering daylight and the spring flowers in bloom, summer often feels within reach these days - until the heavens open.

So, this month, we’ve gathered together some tips and products to help you make the most of the brighter days, even when it’s wet.

April Offers

1. Keep your rain gear within reach
This may seem obvious, but you’re much more likely to venture out in the rain if you have reliable waterproofs close at hand. Figure out a handy place to keep them and have them ready to go when you feel like an adventure - not just hidden at the back of a wardrobe.

Pack Your Kelly Kettle Tarp

2. Pack a Kelly Kettle Tarp
Our tarp is completely waterproof, to keep you dry in even the heaviest rain. With hundreds of set-up options, you can personalise your shelter to suit exactly what you need. It even weighs less than the average bag of sugar, meaning it’s effortless to bring dependable cover with you wherever you go.

Grant Floyd

3. Don’t forget something to sit on
Imagine stopping for a break and discovering there’s nowhere dry to sit and rest; especially if you don’t have waterproof trousers! It’s worth bringing along something light to sit on, even if it’s just a plastic bag. Our tarp (see above) would be perfect for this (so long as you don’t need to use it for shelter at the same time!).

Kelly Kettle Base Camp

4. Bring along your Kelly Kettle, whatever the weather
Kelly Kettles are designed to be easy to light in the rain and wind. And because the flame is protected, they stay burning regardless of gusts and raindrops. So whether you just want a little warmth, or you can’t wait for a comforting hot drink, your Kettle will be a reliable friend. Why not check out our Base Camp Kettle? As our largest model, it’s the perfect choice for families and groups of friends.

Kelly Kettle Natural Fuels Only

5. Plan to have dry fuel
To make your Kelly Kettle even easier to light in the rain, make sure you have dry fuel to hand. If you’re worried you won’t be able to find any at your destination, bring some with you – inside the chimney of your kettle; you only need a small amount to boil your kettle. Alternatively, you may find dry sticks on low lying branches of bushes and trees. Unless the weather has been particularly dry, try to avoid picking fuel up off the ground as fuel here tends to be damp. If all else fails, use a knife to pare or split fallen sticks until you reach dry wood. Just make sure you’re familiar with your local laws regarding knife carrying. A cotton ball dipped in Vaseline makes an excellent fire-starter, regardless of the weather.

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