'Base Camp' 1.6 ltr (Anodised Alu. Kettle) + Whistle + Steel Fire-Base

  • Our Large 'Base Camp' Kettle in Anodised Aluminium. The traditional model used by Irish fishermen
  • Boils 1.6 liters of water in 3-5 minutes using a handful of Sticks, Pine Cones, Bark, Dry Grass, etc.
  • Works in ALL weather conditions.Perfect for Families, Groups, Scouts, Base Camping, Picnics, Garden Allotments, Fishing, etc.
  • Great Preparedness Item for Power Shortages, Storms & Emergency Kits.
  • A Green Whistle has replaced the older Orange stopper and lets you know when the water is boiled.
  • Lightweight - Never carry fuel again! Only weighs 0.72kg / 1.6 lbs
  • Now Comes With Upgraded Steel Fire-Base. Historically, the fire-bases were Aluminium which softened, warped and burned out quite quickly.
  • Add our popular Hobo Stove accessory to turn the fire-base into a stand alone wood fueled Camping Stove.

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Product Description

This Kettle boils 1.6 Liters (2.6 UK Pints) at a time and is the size traditionally used by Irish Anglers.
Suitable for Groups, Families, Car Camping, Scouts, Picnics, Garden Allotments, Hunters, 4 x 4 off-roaders, Disaster & Emergency Kits, Humanitarian Aid, or anyone working in the outdoors.
A Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper.  This whistle will sound off when the water boils.

The Kelly Kettle even works in harsh weather conditions bringing water to the boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occuring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, birch bark etc.
No need to carry fuel. No running costs. Users have described these kettles as the 'Greatest invention of all time'. Essential camping equipment. Cost-free, carbon-neutral, eco friendly camping at its very best!

NOTE: Add our Pot-Support & Cook set to cook small amounts of food (Noodles, Rice, Oatmeal, Re-hydrated food, Soup, etc.) over the kettle while your water boils. 
Better still, add our Hobo Stove accessory to turn the fire base of your kettle into an efficient stand-alone wood fuelled Camp Stove!

Please see our Accessories category for these products.

Since 01 October 2017 our Aluminium 'Base Camp' Kettles are Anodised. Anodisation is primarily used to toughen up the outer shell of the aluminum. The process creates an aluminium hydroxide layer on the surface of the metal which makes it harder and more resistant to scratches and scrapes. 

Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as Standard with each Kelly Kettle. The durable steel fire base inverts up into the bottom of our kettles to make the unit as compact as possible for transport and storage.

Please note: The Kettle has been designed to boil water extremely fast in all weather conditions using very little fuel. When filled with water, the Kelly Kettle should always be carried upright to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top.

Older Kettles may have an Orange Rubber or Cork Stopper. These MUST ALWAYS be removed before using the kettle. The Kettle must never be boiled with these older stoppers in the spout.  

Additional Information
Additional Information
Zip No
Diameter Kettle width 15.5cm / Widest point of fire base is 18.5cm
Item Weight 0.72 kg / 1.6 lb (without packaging)
Product Capacity 1.6 ltr / 54 U.S. fl.oz.
Kettle Height 34cm / 13inchs (packed)
Customer Reviews (8)
What a brilliant product to have!
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Had a kettle for about 20 yrs before I bought the new 1 which arrived today. 1.6 ltr can't wait to get out and about to use it. What a Brilliant Product to have. Nicest tea ever. love the kettle Review by M.O'Donnell (Posted on 21/02/2018)
Almost 6yrs Old And Working Brilliantly!
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Our new Trekker Kettle etc arrived with us in Southern Spain today in super quick time, now complimenting our base camp which is almost six years old and still working brilliantly.
Our Hobo stove is also a well used bit of kit and is treated as a best friend.
Cant praise Kelly Kettle products and service enough you're doing a grand job.
Best wishes
Peter Wade
Review by P. Wade (Posted on 13/04/2016)
Totally excellent kit that is so much fun to use
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I have used my kettle a few times in the local woods to trial it before going native. It boils the water before you know it. It's fun to look around the ground for small pieces of wood and walking in the woods is now partially about finding stuff to burn. I have started it twice with a metal flint but carry a lighter for emergencies. No more worry about leaking gas or empty bottles. Sorted. Brilliant !!!!!! Review by Ian (Posted on 07/12/2015)
Don't hesitate in buying
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I'd been looking into these kettles for about a year. Being undecisive about which one to buy.
I ended buying the 1.6lt aluminium kettle with the pan rest attachment.
The service from start to finish was nothing but excellent.
Dispatched within the 48 hours promised and delivered by DPD.
DPD gave me an hour slot of when the parcel would be delivered. It was 10 mins into the hour delivery frame.

The kettle itself has only been used once to try it in the back garden and it's awesome. Boiled the filled kettle in 4 minutes just using wood shavings and pinecones.

Thank you thank you thank you and well done on the great service.
Matt woodhall-Cross
Review by Matt (Posted on 20/05/2015)
With the new accessories, it keeps getting better
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I've been using my base camp kettle in the Malaysian jungles and camping on tropical islands for about 5 years. Not much chance of bringing in or sourcing commercial fuels easily plus all the weight involved considering that we need to boil up from various water sources 6-8 litres each per day as well as the inconvenience and time in building fires and keeping them going. Getting the kettle really changed the dynamics of logistics! Conversely, the shape and build of the kettle also allows the boiled water to cool down quickly to fill up canteens, especially since it can be easily immersed in a water source. With the new accessories, it keeps getting better (I had to hold the pan over the chimney before the pot support came out) and the hobo stove completes it. Plus factor - kids get to use the left over embers in the base to polish off a break with toasted marshmallows, which don't burn, as a bribe! Review by Carl Brown - Singapore (Posted on 18/09/2014)
I've been using a Kelly Kettle for a couple of summers now and really love it.
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I've been using a Kelly Kettle for a couple of summers now and really love it. I probably use it more than most people as I am a wilderness canoe guide in Canada and have a new group of tourists out twice a week for a multiday canoe trip. (www.CallOfTheWild.ca) I use the Kelly Kettle twice a day to boil 10 litres or so of water for coffee, tea, pasta, and dishes. The tourists are really interested in how it works - I always tell them where to buy one! Review by Robin B., Canada (Posted on 05/09/2014)
Rate this product?
I love my Kelly Kettle. I really good product that I use regularly, even at work to make drinks during the day. Review by Robbo (Posted on 26/07/2014)
Not only an exceptional product, but exceptional service too!
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Not only an exceptional product, but exceptional service too. I use my base camp every time I go Fly fishing and have always had passers by ask "what is it"? Some think it's a rocket. I always offer them a fresh cuppa and tell them where they can buy one.
Will always want one for camping, hiking but mostly my passion fly fishing.
Thanks again.
R. Rabot, U.K.
Review by R. Rabot, U.K. (Posted on 29/05/2014)
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