'Base Camp' 1.6 ltr (Stainless Steel) + Whistle

  • Our Large 'Base Camp' Kettle in Stainless Steel. Includes Kettle + Fire Base + Whistle + Bag.
  • Boils 1.6 liters of water quickly using just Sticks, Pine Cones, Dry Grass, Bark, etc. Works in ALL weather conditions.
  • Perfect for Families, Groups, Scouts, Base Camping, Outfitters, Family Fun, Fishing, etc.
  • Great Preparedness Item for Power Shortages, Storms & Emergency Kits.
  • A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on this Kettle and will let you know when the water has boiled.
  • Lightweight - Never carry fuel again!  33cm tall. Only weighs 1.16 kg
  • Now Comes With Upgraded Steel Fire-Base. Historically, the fire-bases were Aluminium which softened, warped and burned out quite quickly.

  • Add our popular Hobo Stove accessory to turn the fire-base into a stand alone wood fueled Camping Stove.
  • Please see our Ultimate Kit Offer for best value on a Kettle + all the accessories.

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Product Description

This Stainless Steel kettle & steel fire-base boils 1.6ltrs (approximately 6 cups) of water at a time. This size is ideal for Anglers, Car Camping, Scouts, Picnics, Hunters, Garden Allotments, Caravaning Camping gear, Wilderness Survival kits, Humanitarian Aid, or anyone who works or plays in the outdoor.

A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on this Kettle and will let you know when the water has boiled.  

Strong with nothing to fail or break, our kettles work extremely well in both good and harsh weather conditions.  They are a vital piece of camping equipment for any outdoor person. Using whatever natural fuel is lying around (twigs, dry grass, heather, Birch bark, Pine cones, dry animal dung, etc) our kettles will bring water to the boil within a matter of minutes. Never carry fuel again.

Our kettles are cost-FREE to run, eco-friendly as they operate on carbon neutral fuels, and are great fun to use. Note: Add our Pot-Support & Cook set to prepare small amounts of food (Noodles, Rice, Oatmeal, hydrate food, etc) over the kettle while your water boils. Boil and cook at the same time using only a handful of fuel!

Better still, add our Hobo Stove accessory to turn the fire base of your kettle into a stand-alone wood fuelled Camping Stove.

See our Accessories Category for these products. 

Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as Standard with each Kelly Kettle. The durable steel fire base inverts up into the bottom of our kettles to make the unit as compact as possible for transport and storage.

Please note: The Kettle has been designed to boil water extremely fast in all weather conditions using very little fuel. When filled with water, the Kelly Kettle should always be carried upright to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top.

Older Kettles may have an Orange Rubber or Cork Stopper. These MUST ALWAYS be removed before using the kettle. The Kettle must never be boiled with these older stoppers in the spout.  

Additional Information
Additional Information
Zip No
Diameter Kettle width 15.5cm / Widest point of fire base is 18.5cm
Item Weight 1.16 kg / 2.55 lbs (excluding packaging)
Product Capacity 1.6 ltr / 54 U.S. fl.oz.
Kettle Height 33cm (Kettle excl. box)
Customer Reviews (23)
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Review by SIMON (Posted on 13/02/2023)
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Naprawdę gotuje 1,6 l wody w 5 minut. Review by Maciej (Posted on 08/08/2022)
Brilliant system
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Had the basecamp model for years now. I've not found anything that uses biomass type fuels that boils water as quick as a kelly kettle. Recently bought the hobo stove addition and it's great. Does what it's meant to with little to go wrong. Study build quality as well. If the grid goes down or if you are out with the family the basecamp model is a great fall back. Wanting to get the trekker model for when walking. Totally recommended. Review by darren (Posted on 22/07/2022)
Used every Tuesday on Volunteer work ;-)
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Hi Patrick and Seamus. I use my 1.6 litre Kelly Kettle every Tuesday when doing volunteer work for the Cotswold Wildlife Trust. We maintain several lakes in the Cotswolds (U.K.) by keeping the footpaths clear and pollarding the willow around the lake edges. It is heavy work and a fresh hot cuppa is most welcome during the sessions. There are usually ten of us working each week. Review by J.Calver, U.K (Posted on 01/02/2022)
Best piece of kit for outdoor activities
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A must buy for anyone who spends time outdoors,ether camping/walking or working. I've had 2 of them for years both aluminium and have done me proud but sadly the basecamp kettle has had its day, so I've bought a stainless steel to replace
So get one be silly not to there brilliant you'll be amazed how quick they boil
Review by Jamie (Posted on 29/08/2021)
Kelly kettle
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Best thing I ever had. Got one for my birthday 10 years ago. Just got a new kit 'Base Camp'. A must if you are camping or fishing or hiking. Up Mayo! Review by Noelie (Posted on 03/07/2020)
Your service is truly tremendous
Rate this product?
Hello. We received the product on January 30th. The product is really nice. Your service is truly tremendous. Your products are hardly known here. I wish you could sell here. But it still comes from Ireland to our home. I would recommend it to anyone here. Thanks for everything.
Greetings from Turkey.
Mustafa Sucuk
Review by M. Sucuk (Posted on 01/02/2019)
Best invention to man
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Don’t go anywhere outdoors with out it. Truly astounded by this bit of kit. Would recommend to anyone who loves outdoor life! Review by Hayden Davison (Posted on 28/03/2018)
Rate this product?
Took a chance on Kelly Kettle start of December.
When I received it and took it on the shooting Range with me.
Many people really impressed with it and the short time taken to boil.
the exclamations of WOW was many times.
I now have several ask me for details and where to buy from.
You should have had at least five to seven orders since then from Malta.
Good for camping - scouts and hunters and many other sport applications
Review by Darbajda (Posted on 31/01/2018)
Fantastic product and Service.
Rate this product?
Looks great, price is very reasonable and includes delivery. Delivery time was fantastic 2 days from order and to the UK. I can't wait to get a chance to use it in anger. Review by Clive (Posted on 29/07/2017)
Great E-Mail support
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Comment: Dear All, my new Kelly-kettle and its hobo stove arrives bang on time, via a great e-mail support. The kettle looks great its just how it performs, a S/Steel version slightly heavier than I'm used to but that will walk in, but not today its pouring and blowing a hooulie terrible weather. Packaging awesome very good indeed

best regards

Gerry Curran.
Review by G. Curran (Posted on 03/06/2016)
Favourite camping gear
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I live near the Rockies in BC.
Day trips, week trips, backpacking, 4x4ing, anything back country.
Fast, and simple. Boil water fast, cool it down fast for your canteen, or washing. Great combination with the Hobo stove and pot support. Easy, fast cleanup and storage.
Heat your water, while prepping your freeze dried food. So simple, so efficient.
The envy of my friends.
Review by Rick Walker (Posted on 05/05/2016)
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Used my new Kettle for the first time at the weekend ; -1 degrees (not as cold as some, but pretty windy). Collected some dead wood while wandering about within 10 feet of my hammock. Boiled water - no problem - absolutely roaring. Excellent! Review by David Wills - UK (Posted on 11/03/2016)
Despite the size, the kettle is a better pack item.
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We often take others on our little outings and they are always impressed with what can be done with the (Kelly) Kettle. The biggest selling feature is the low environmental impact it has. We usually gather lichen, birch bark, horseshoe fungus and twigs along the path and very little is left after cooking the meal - most of which can be safely extinguished with the water in the kettle. Great product!

For years we took little camp stoves with us and occasionally either lost knuckle hair lighting them or soaked the odd pack with the fluid. Despite the size, the kettle is a better pack item.

Doug McPhee
British Columbia, Canada
Review by D. McPhee, BC, Canada (Posted on 16/02/2016)
I've been using my base camp kettle in the Malaysian jungles and camping on tropical islands for about 5 years.
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I've been using my base camp kettle in the Malaysian jungles and camping on tropical islands for about 5 years. Not much chance of bringing in or sourcing commercial fuels easily plus all the weight involved considering that we need to boil up from various water sources 6-8 litres each per day as well as the inconvenience and time in building fires and keeping them going.
Getting the kettle really changed the dynamics of logistics! Conversely, the shape and build of the kettle also allows the boiled water to cool down quickly to fill up canteens, especially since it can be easily immersed in a water source. With the new accessories, it keeps getting better (I had to hold the pan over the chimney before the pot support came out) and the hobo stove completes it.
Plus factor - kids get to use the left over embers in the base to polish off a break with toasted marshmallows, which don't burn, as a bribe!
Review by Carl - Singapore (Posted on 07/09/2015)
I'm delighted with a fabulous piece of kit!
Rate this product?
I've just received my SS Base Camp Kettle and Hobo Stove, less than three days after ordering, and I'm delighted with a fabulous piece of kit! I'll be trying it out at the first opportunity!
I'm also impressed with your customer service - an enquiry about my order was answered very quickly, and your carrier, DPD, were extremely efficient as always!
Keep up the good work!
Review by Al (Posted on 09/06/2015)
Thoroughly impressed!
Rate this product?
I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that I can boil a full kettle with two pages of newspaper or four envelopes. Unfortunately, I don't get to go camping much, since my lovely wife doesn't care for it, but that is something that has impressed me. Every once in a while I get a 'wild hair' and decide I need to try using the kettle again. I have one of your stainless steel kettles, and that thing is fantastic. On the positive, we've been Blessed with a little boy, and I suspect camping will once again be an option as he gets older.
Scott, U.S.A.
Review by Scott, U.S.A. (Posted on 04/12/2014)
Just Awesome
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The Kelly Kettle Basecamp in the Stainless Steel Version is very nice. It is very easy to handle and has a very good Quality. I used the Base Camp on Fishing Trips and Outdoor Trips. You can nearly everywhere use the BaseCamp and the process to boil water is very fast. In comparison with a Gas Cooker the Kettle BaseCamp were much faster. Thumbs Up for the Kelly Kettle BaseCamp. Review by Timmey (Posted on 09/09/2014)
Best thing since sliced bread
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We have the Stainless Steel Base Camp Kelly Kettle, it's been in constant use for the last four years, the sheer pleasure in any kind of weather in using this bit of kit is priceless.
We keep a small jar full of used / dried tea bags soaking in meths drop a soaked tea bag into the fire bucket add a spark, 100% instant fire just add twigs etc.
We're just about to get the Hobbo Stove that sits on the fire bucket.
Well done Kelly Kettle on a brilliant bit of kit
Review by Peter (Posted on 01/09/2014)
must-have gear!
Rate this product?
I have had a kelly kettle for about 6 years now, ever since i saw one advertisement I was hooked.

Over 6 years this kettle has been on 5, 10 day remote canoe trips,... and a couple dozen long weekend canoe trips. It's great for group trips where everyone wants coffee in the morning quickly,.. we just keep the kettle going for a good half an hour and everyone can get their 2-3 cups of coffee in without waiting a ridiculous amount of time for water to boil, this also avoids using up precious and heavy gas cartridges. I usually don't take this kettle backpacking, but i always miss it!

Customer service is top notch if you have a problem with any components or replacement parts.

Love my Kelly Kettle!
Review by scuddzy (Posted on 26/07/2014)

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