Can a Kelly Kettle be used on a Gas Hob or Kitchen stove?

Yes, but the Kelly Kettle is not designed for use on a gas hob and while it will come to the boil on a hob or stove - it will be significantly slower than if sticks etc. were used.

A traditional Kettle has a relatively small, horizontal - flat bottom which makes contact with the gas/stove. That is where the heat energy is transferred to the water.

Our Kettle has no bottom and large vertical walls for heating - so it works completely differently!
It has been designed to work super fast outdoors in all weather conditions, using whatever natural fuel you find lying around!  

In short, if it burns you can use it!  The chimney provides a large surface area for heating. The secret to a fast boil is to get an inferno going inside that Chimney - with flames licking up the chimney walls.  The fire is safely contained within the fire base and the chimney of the kettle itself, so all the flame and heat is directed upward along the chimney walls - rapidly heating the water on the other side of the wall.

A gas hob does not create this same effect. However, if you do choose to drop the kettle onto a gas hob or an open fire (the kettle is not designed for this use) it may help to partially cover the chimney top with something to trap more heat inside - otherwise the heat may pass straight out the chimney without transferring much heat energy into the chimney wall.
Sticks will always easily beat a gas hob/stove, as neither never gets a full scale inferno going! :-)

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