Can I boil the kettle when it is only half full?

No. The kettle should be full with water at all times when in use.  You should easily be able to see the water when looking into the spout.  If you cannot easily see the water, then you do not have enough water in the kettle.

Our Kettles boil very fast and if left on the boil, the water will evaporate very quickly and the kettle could boil dry.  If an Aluminium kettle boils dry, the inner chimney wall can overheat and melt.  Please see some pictures in the FAQ 'Can the kettle be used without water in the chamber' 

Fortunately, we have not had any reported incidents of Stainless Steel Kettles melting.  However if the water chamber is not full, you run the risk of overheating the steel and possibly causing one of the laser welded joints to open.  So, keep the kettles filled with water at all times. 

Warranty Cover will not apply if the kettle is mis-used. 

Click HERE to learn how to correctly use the Kettle.