Can I carry water in the Kettle?

The Kettle has been designed to boil water extremely fast outdoors, in all weather conditions, using very little fuel. It is not designed to replace a water bottle on a trail/hike.

When filled with water, the Kelly Kettle should always be carried in an upright position to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top.  The chimney tops are not checked for water-tightness. Hence, if you were to fill the kettle and plug the water spout to try and carry water within a Rucksack, water may leak into your pack.

If carrying water in the kettle, strap it in an upright position to the side of your pack.

Do not store water in the kettle over a long period. Empty the kettle of all water after use and store in a dry location. When in storage, the whistle should be left out of the spout to allow air to circulate through, and thoroughly air-dry the water chamber.

Warning: Never use the kettle with the old Orange Stopper / Cork or, any other obstruction in the spout!  Boiling the kettle with ANY obstruction in the water spout can result in a serious burn for the user or others in proximity. The steam must be allowed to vent (per the green whistle) from the boiling kettle.