Can I 'Checkout as Guest'? I don't want to 'Register' for an account.

Historically, we allowed visitors to 'Check Out as Guest'.
However, due to the current Cyber War which is happening behind the scenes, we had to eliminate the guest checkout it as it effectively leaves a door ajar for hackers!

The 'Registration' process is now required for everyone's security, as it helps keep hackers and spammers at bay!  It's simply another layer of security - in a long line of security measures that we adopt to protect peoples data. Most secure online stores are now moving toward the 'Registration' Process.
An email would be requested anyway when ordering so that we can send the Order Confirmation / Invoice / Tracking Info, etc.  That's obviously standard.

The only bit of extra detail that we request to 'Register' is a Password.  This can be any made up, one-off, password if you do not expect to be coming back to us anytime soon again!

> We store a customers Contact Name, Address, email and phone number only.  Everything we need to effect a good delivery, or to follow up with warranty service etc. if required.
> We DO NOT share any details with anyone.
> We DO NOT store Card details.  The card transaction is completed securely by 'Stripe'. Card info is never stored by us 
> We can delete an account at any stage. That's not an issue at all. 

Please be assured that we do not retain data nor sell / move it on to anyone else. We are only concerned about our own customers and how best we can serve them.

If you have any other questions or concerns at all, please message us via the 'Contact Us' page.

Kind regards,
The Directors
Kelly Kettle Company