Can I use the Kettle indoors?

You would only ever create/light a wood fire (or similar fuel) in a well ventilated open space or alternatively an open fireplace with chimney.
Using the Kelly Kettle is no different. It must be used in an open space or fireplace to allow the smoke away. Carbon monoxide can be released by any fuel when it is burned, including wood, coal, turf, oil, and gas.
You wouldn't create a small camp fire in the middle of your living room or don't light the kettle there either! :-)

The Kelly Kettle is designed to work extremely well in the outdoors - in all types of weather - even strong wind and rain!
It can be safely used in the garden, on a patio, doorstep, balcony, open doorway of a shed, large ventilated barn, etc. Anywhere with good ventilation.

If using on timber decking, patio or grass, consider using our Fire-Base Support which protects the decking/lawn/slab underneath from the intense heat of the fire.

Click HERE to view the Fire-Base Support