Can the Pot-Support be used on the Small (1 Pint) Kelly Kettle?

Pot Support

Yes. The Pot support fits all of our kettles.  It also flat packs for easy carriage.

Ideally, it is more suited to the Medium & Large Camping kettles which have wider bases and are therefore that bit more steady.  Nonetheless, if the operator is attentive and the kettle is placed on a good level surface, you can easily cook / reheat over the small (1 Pint) Kelly Kettle.

We recommend that the Pot-Support be used as follows:

1. Boil the kettle as normal and then pour the boiling water into your pot over the food.
2. Refill the kettle with water.  Gently place it back on the fire base and refuel the chimney as required to boil the kettle a second time. (this additional water can be used for coffee, washing up, bathing etc.)
3. Assemble the pot support (the 2 pieces slot together) and place it on the chimney.  Place the pot on top of the Pot-Support.  The contents of your Pot will simmer & boil within a minute or so.  Stir the food to avoid burning it (holding the Pot steady with the gripper handle provided)
4. Within 4-6 minutes your kettle should be boiled and you will need to remove the Pot/Pan and the Pot-Support before lifting the kettle off the fire base. If the food needs to be cooked some more, simply add fuel to the fire base, place the 2 no. grill pieces on the base (using the gripper handle if required) and place your Pot on the Grill, stirring contents as required.

Note: The pot-support is only suitable for quick meals such as Noodles / Rice / Oatmeal / re-hydrated food / etc.