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Shane B, U.S.A.

Hello Kelly Kettle Team,

I purchased a large stainless Kelly Kettle from you ( a couple of weeks ago. This weekend was my first time using it. I went out to the desert with a group of about a dozen friends - we try to get in a couple of these camping trips each year. The area we camp in is often very windy, and even car camping with propane stoves, it can be a bit of a struggle to get coffee going in the morning. ....

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Tom Larson, Hackensack, MN. U.S.A.

Patrick & Seamus:

Just a note.  Here in northern Minnesota we have been having Monsoon type weather, 34 of the last 41 days we have had rain!  Constant and often very heavy rain!  The lakes here are more than a foot above normal.  That is a lot for here!

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J, Norway

I just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased with the Kelly Kettle.  I bought a 2 pint kettle a few years ago, and it has been a great thing to have around.

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Richard Larson

"I just tried my new Base Camp Kelly Kettle. It works EXACTLY as promised. From the time I put match to tinder until just under a half gallon of water was at a rolling boil took 6 minutes ( I timed it). I will be recommending the Kelly Kettle to everyone I know

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Graham Lloyd, Victoria BC Canada

My Kettle arrived this afternoon! Thank you very much. This afternoon I boiled several kettlefuls of water and made a cuppa tea. I was very much impressed with the efficiency of the kettle. Even if I let the fire burn down to embers with no visible flames, the kettle was easy to start up again. I boiled my first quantity of water in about three minutes. I used birch bark and lint from a clothes dryer as tinder....

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David Schweizer, Switzerland

"Dear Patrick & Seamus,

Just got the little 0.57l stainless Kelly Kettle delivered a few days ago. It works like a charm. This really is one of the best products I ever bought. Also the manufacturing quality is exceptional. I am absolutely enthusiastic about the whole product, your friendly and helpful advice I got before ordering and also the quick delivery.

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Alison, Spain

"Hello Kelly family, we´ve had our kettle now for 12 years or so and it´s been a trusty companion in West Africa, the Yorkshire Dales, many parts of Spain, and ít´s off again in a week or so to France.  It really is an essential item for any traveller/camper

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Kevin Sweeney. Ireland

"Hello Kelly Kettle.
I’ve just done a review of you Kettle on my blog at We have no immersion heater or electric kettle in our house, so the kettle gets used most days of the year, in the summer many times every day.

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Carl Donovan

"Just wanted to offer up my thanks for this truly amazing item you produce. Being a long practicing Bushcraft fanatic I have spent a lot of time boiling pots over the camp fire

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Alex, UN, Khartoum, Sudan

"Hi guys,
A few mates recently help me christen my new KK on a Nile-side camping trip in the Sahara, where we experimented with a range of animal dungs. Classes included heat and durability, smoke and stink (before and after), and a special prize for anyone who could get one of the girls to handle the poo without realising.

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