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Simon Lowe, U.K.

"I ordered my kettle on Sunday 16th and it came today.  I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful service.  Price is right, delivery time was right, and the kettle is awesome.

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Kay Bundy, Freemantle CofE Community Academy

Your Kettle has arrived and the children love it... when I ask them what's the best thing about forest schools they all say 'Hot Chocolate and the Kelly kettle' - its made such a difference and given us a real focus for each session"

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Joy Wilkinson Testimonial

"Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt and efficient service. From Ireland to Australia in 8 days is fantastic.

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Dennis Klotter

Good afternoon;
We received our Kelly Kettle (1.5L Stainless steel base-camp model) a couple of days ago (mid December 2011) and I've been chomping at the bit to try it out. I worked with it today and it was amazing how easily it boiled two complete pots of water in under 15 minutes.

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Anne Craig Testimonial

Many Thanks for your prompt service. Even the atrocious weather did not delay my Base Camp Kettle arriving in 3 days. The first attempt at using it I re-cycled the box for fuel and within 4 mins had enough water for 6 mugs of coffee FANTASTIC

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JEAN D'SA, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

"Fantastic service, prompt delivery and a truly superb piece of kit for camping trips......thanks to all at the Kelly Kettle Co."

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Kirk, Alaska

I received my Kelly Kettle today. Being the skeptic I am I took it out of the box and immediately fired it up to see if it worked as good as advertised.  I was not disappointed too say the least. The temp outside was -5F with about a 10 mph wind. I used birch paper (bark) as tinder and broke off twigs from some spruce and birch trees. The water boiled with just a handful of twigs within five minutes.

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Bryan and Whitney, Alaskan Trip

"Last summer me and my dad went to Alaska to do some gold panning in Chicken. We stayed in his pop up camper and used the Kelly Kettle every day!

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Stryngfellow D. Lloyd

"I do a lot of desert hiking searching for deer antler sheds and in the summer, amateur fossil hunting. 
I live in a semi-arid pine forest foothills area, so pine-needles, pine cones, dead yucca and tumbleweeds are my usual fuel.

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Kerry Dawborn, Australia

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks for getting my base camp kettle to me so promptly!  I am in Australia; I ordered it just ten days or so ago and it arrived yesterday. I was so very keen to try it as i have and love a trekker,  but wanted to be able to boil enough waterto fill a thermos in one go.

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