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Welcome to Kelly Kettle


Harri Bläuer Testimonial

Hello Ireland and Kelly kettle,

Greetings from Finland. Received your Big kettle week ago and now had a
chance to test it. We were really impressed how fast and easy it was.


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Sebastian Aller Testimonial

Dear Kelly Kettle company,

I'd like to give you a thumbs up for your superfast service. Shipped 28th, arrived 31st in the Netherlands. That is amazingly fast. Besides that I noticed that shipping charges on the box were 10 Euro, whereas you only charge your customers 5!

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Ian Lafferty, Ontario

"Hello, I purchased a large Kelly kettle today to use for backwoods camping. What a fine piece of gear. I lit it up in the yard and boiled two kettles of water in no time.

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Matt Jones, New Zealand

Hi there all at the Kelly kettle co.
Our kettle arrived on time on the due date.We lit it and boiled water to wash it out as requested on the instructions. We went for a walk in the Mendip hills and enjoyed a hot tea. using dead hazel sticked collected on the way. Its brilliant. And surprisingly quick

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Harry Pickford, U.K.

"Thought you might like to know about my old Kelly, I got it as a Christmas present in 2003 when you were in Lemmington Spa.

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David D., Canada

"To the Kelly Kettle folks.
Im in the bush alot fishing and have been using a small alcohol burner for quite sometime. I had a pretty bad incident last year and spilt the burning stove all down one leg. I got burnt pretty severely. So i decided i needed to look for something different for my coffee breaks and cooking of meals that you just pour hot water on.I found out about the Kelly Kettle on a UK

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Backpackers - make your kit lighter

One idea is to remove the fire base as the kettle operates perfectly without it.  Simply place the kettle on a level non-combustible surface (large flat rock / sand / gravel etc.) and slightly raise the kettle using 3-4 small flat stones to allow for air intake.

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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH - Stainless Steel 'Scout' Kettle

We are pleased to announce that the Stainless Steel version of our popular 'Scout' kettle will finally be available at the end of November .... just in time for the Christmas!

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