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(COSMETIC DEFECT) ALU 'Trekker' Kettle (0.5ltr) - Basic Kit (+ FREE Hobo Stove)

SLIGHT COSMETIC DEFECT on these 0.5ltr Aluminium Kettles.

Only slight imperfection on the kettle alone e.g. small dent or poor quality finish somewhere. Please see pictures.  The Aluminium Firebase, Steel Cookware, Steel Pot-Support (and Hobo Stove) are perfect and new. Great value!

This offer includes a FREE HOBO STOVE accessory for the Trekker Kettle to allow easy cooking.    Cup set is not included.

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An (Imperfect) highly efficient Outdoor camping kit which is suitable for solo campers, Trekkers, Hikers, Kayakers, Backpackers, Bikers, and all outdoors enthusiasts who need to keep their pack light. A great addition to your Car Camping gear and a vital item for a Wilderness Survival Kit or Disaster kit.

This lightweight Aluminum 0.5ltr kettle (with aluminium base) + Stainless Steel cook set + Steel Pot Support FREE Trekker Hobo all fit neatly together into their own drawstring carrying bag which can be put into or carried hanging from a Rucksack or Backpack.

As there is no need to carry fuel, this camping equipment 'kit' will keep your pack light and save you money at the same time - never worry about running out of fuel again!

Using any naturally occuring solid fuel (sticks, pine cones, dry camel dung! etc.) this unit will operate perfectly well, even in the most extreme weather conditions or terrain. The Kettle brings 2 Mugs of water to a rolling boil within a matter of minutes while you reheat or cook food at the same time using the cook set on the pot-support over the chimney of the kettle. In this way, a very small amount of fuel will both boil your water and cook your meal at the same time!

Note: the Pot-Support is only suitable for use with fast cooking items such as Soup, Boil-in-the-bag, re-hydrating food, reheating etc.

Drop the highly popular Hobo Stove accessory (Free with this offer) onto the fire base, to continue to cook at your leisure long after the kettle has boiled.

The Aluminium Trekker Kettle is the fastest kettle to boil of the entire Kelly kettle range!

If more hot water is required (this kettle will easily boil water quickly for a party of 4-6 people), simply refill the kettle and place it back on the fire base and refuel the chimney again. The kettle will be boiled again within a matter of minutes where water can be used for more hot drinks, boil-in-the-bag, bathing, washing up, etc.

Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as standard with each kettle.

Additional Information

Diameter 14cm / 5.5 inches
Item Weight Combined weight of all items 2.09lb / 0.95kg
Product Capacity Small Pot Capacity 0.45ltr / Kettle Capacity 0.5 ltr or 17.6 UK fl.oz.
Kettle Height 27cm / 10.6 inches (packed)

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Kelly kettle trekker kitReview by John
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well the whole kit weighs in at 930 grams i am really thrilled with the performance i was using a flint and steel the kindling had taken the spark straight away and it boiled 500 mil of water in under 3 minutes 30 seconds!. absolutely fantastic !. (Posted on 18/05/2017)

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