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Camping Cup Set (350 & 500ml)

In stock

2 x High quality single walled Camping Cups (350 & 500ml)

Features Include:

    • Silicone coated foldable handles for comfort
    • CooLip feature (removable) to protect lips from burning
    • Measurements on side of cup
    • Polished internally for easy cleaning
    • Dishwasher safe / Pack together

Made from Stainless Steel.    

Weight 0.258kg / 9.1oz (combined)

High quality Camping Cup set which includes 1 x 350ml + 1 x 500ml Cup (two cups in each set)

  • Single walled Stainless Steel.
  • Compact: Cups have folding handles & pack inside each other.
  • Versatile: Drink, Eat or Cook in these cups!
  • Comfort: Silicone coated handles & CooLip™ feature to keep your lip safe from burning (2 pcs)
  • Useful: Measurements on the side of the cups in ml and U.S. fl.oz
  • Polished internally for easy cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Packing with the larger 'Base Camp' & medium 'Scout' Models. : Small cup packs inside large cup - and both pack inside the large Cook Pot, which packs inside the large Hobo & fire base of both models.

Packing with the Smaller 'Trekker' Model: As the larger 500ml Cup is almost the same size as the small cook pot, both cannot fit together.  So there are two options: 

  • Pack the two cups inside the Trekker hobo, inside the fire base (exclude the small cook set) or
  • Pack the smaller 350ml Cup inside the Trekker Cook set, inside the Hobo, inside the fire base (exclude the larger 500ml cup or carry it separately - perhaps over the kettle chimney of the kettle).

These cups are suitable for Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Scouting, Working outdoors, Picnics, etc.

Small Cup:

  • Volume:   350ml / 12oz
  • Weight:    113g / 0.25lb
  • External Diameter 91mm x Height 68mm (Internal diameter 84mm)

Large Cup:

  • Volume:   500 ml / 17oz
  • Weight:    136g / .30lb
  • External Diameter 104mm x Height 73mm (Internal diameter 96.7mm)