Ever considered a Titanium Kettle?

We have explored a Titanium version of our Kettle but.... they would be very expensive and the initial outlay for tooling would also be very costly.
The price of the finished product would be out of reach for most people! So sales numbers would be limited. As a result, we don't believe that we would be able to recoup the costs involved.

So for now, we have no plans for a Titanium version. The Anodised Aluminium Trekker 0.6ltr / 20oz is currently our lightest model for now coming in at 0.5kg / 1.1lb, which includes the steel fire-base.

TIP: if you want to reduce the weight further, simply leave the fire base behind (it works perfectly without it - just prop it on a couple of flat stones to let air in underneath) and consider replacing the wire /wood handle with a cord. Try it ;-)