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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answers to your questions on Buying, Care and Usage and even some Recipes.
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1  How Do I Order Online?

2  How to use the Kelly Kettle

3  Stainless Steel Vs Aluminum

4  Why was my Order 'Declined' / 'Cancelled'?

5  What material are Kelly Kettles made from?

6  What types of fuel can I use in my kettle?

7  Backpackers - make your kit lighter

8  Can the kettle be used without water in the chamber?

9  Delivery / Claims / Returns

10  I want to be added to your mailing list and receive product updates etc...

11  What type of food can be cooked using the pot-support?

12  Can I boil the kettle when it is only half full?

13  How is the kettle lifted on and off the fire base?

14  How to Clean Your Kettle

15  Can the kettle be used for large groups?

16  Can an alcohol burner be used with the Kelly Kettle?

17  Do you ship internationally?

18  My Old Kettle Leaks!

19  Grilled Blue Cheese-Basil Burgers – Cooking on the Hobo Stove

20  Where are your kettles made?

21  Can a Kelly kettle be used on a Gas Hob?

22  Can the Pot-Support be used on the Small (1 Pint) Kelly Kettle?