Bruce, North Carolina, U.S.A.

I was introduced to the Kelly Kettle when a friend came by for dinner one Christmas with a copy of "A Passion for Angling."  We watched all 6 hours on Christmas Day.  I was intrigued by the kettle Chris and Bob were boiling their tea water in.  I thought something like that would be perfect for winter trout fishing here in North Carolina.  Another friend in London arranged to have one drop shipped to me from Farlow's in the early 90's, before they were readily available in the US.

The kettle lives in my fly fishing bag, so is a constant companion on every outing.  I really like the fact that a zip lock bag with coffee, soup, hot choc., paper cups, spoons and matches conveniently fit into the cavity, keeping everything together in the storage bag.

An excellent, and well thought out product.  Thank you, Kelly Kettle
Bruce, U.S.A.

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