Kerry Dawborn, Australia

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks for getting my base camp kettle to me so promptly!  I am in Australia; I ordered it just ten days or so ago and it arrived yesterday. I was so very keen to try it as i have and love a trekker,  but wanted to be able to boil enough waterto fill a thermos in one go.

This morning i tried the base camp for the first time. It was fantastic! With a few bits of tissue, waste cardboard, and a handful of dry grass, bark and twigs, i had my thermos of boiled water in about 5 minutes, with almost no smoke.

The beauty of this for me, is that as a permaculturist, it matters to me not to use non-renewable energy unecessarily. For me the kelly kettles are not really for camping, but for everyday life. They are so quick and easy to use - barely more effort and time than boiling an electric or stovetop kettle. And I enjoy that few minutes of relaxation while i tend the kettle. Plus i dont have to earn moneyto pay for the fuel. Rather, living in one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world (Dandenong Ranges, Victoria), I can simply use garden waste that would have to be cleaned up and likely burned before the bushfire season, to boil my water and cook some of my food. So as we permies say, 'the problem is the solution'...

Thank you so much for a great product and for such prompt and reliable service..."

Kerry Dawborn, Australia

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