David Schweizer, Switzerland

"Dear Patrick & Seamus,

Just got the little 0.57l stainless Kelly Kettle delivered a few days ago. It works like a charm. This really is one of the best products I ever bought. Also the manufacturing quality is exceptional. I am absolutely enthusiastic about the whole product, your friendly and helpful advice I got before ordering and also the quick delivery.

Even in rainy and windy weather (what we have a lot of here in Switzerland) it works as intended and really does not need a lot of natural fuel to bring the water to boil.

As soon as the large stainless version will be available again, I'll buy (at least) one.

Kelly Kettles are here in Switzerland mostly unknown although outdoor sport activities (camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, boating, skiing, to just name a few) are very popular and also lots of sporting goods stores and chains do exist. That's a pity.

Again, many thanks and keep up the good work you are doing!"

David Schweizer