Graham Lloyd, Victoria BC Canada

"Dear Kelly Kettle,

My Kettle arrived this afternoon! Thank you very much. This afternoon I boiled several kettlefuls of water and made a cuppa tea. I was very much impressed with the efficiency of the kettle. Even if I let the fire burn down to embers with no visible flames, the kettle was easy to start up again. I boiled my first quantity of water in about three minutes. I used birch bark and lint from a clothes dryer as tinder....

At the moment I have the kettle packed into my backback (rucksack) and find the kettle doesn't take much room at all.

I will using the Kettle as much as I can over the next weeks to gain experience. I also intend on cooking on it as well, although I'm not a very good cook even at home!

I noticed on your Facebook page that you were testing a "HOBO" cooker with the Kettle. If you are developing a HOBO cooker for my size of Kettle (The Trekker) I would like to order one for my Kettle.

Thank you very much Kelly Kettle! "

Graham Lloyd
Victoria BC Canada