Sally Jones, U.K.

Dear Kelly Kettle people,

I am, and always have been, a big fan of the Kelly Kettle. It was really interesting to read about how it was developed. Would you believe we used to use it on family camping holidays in England in the late 50's! My dad loved it, my mum hated it! My parents grew up in Ireland, so I suppose that's how my father knew about it. He was a very practical person and loved low-tech solutions, and was always a bit ahead of the times. Since then I have used the kettle a lot on camping trips and especially when playing music with a travelling band, and have given it as special present to several people who I knew would appreciate it. I'm going to buy one for myself, not only for camping, but also to ensure that I can still make a cup of tea if there is a power cut!
Thank you for maintaining the integrity of this brilliant product.
Very best wishes to you,

Sally Jones, U.K

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