Shane B, U.S.A.

Hello Kelly Kettle Team, 

I purchased a large stainless Kelly Kettle from you ( a couple of weeks ago. This weekend was my first time using it. I went out to the desert with a group of about a dozen friends - we try to get in a couple of these camping trips each year. The area we camp in is often very windy, and even car camping with propane stoves, it can be a bit of a struggle to get coffee going in the morning. I'm definitely a morning coffee person, which sparked my interest in your kettle.

It worked great. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. With a few bits of dry grass and twigs harvested from around our site I had water boiling in a few minutes. Into the French press it went and a few minutes later we were having gourmet coffee with our breakfast. Since the capacity of my French press is only about eight cups, I just left the kettle on the base with the embers going, and as more people woke up I added a few more pieces of kindling. The next round of water - and the next - boiled even more quickly.

The Kettle Kelly generated a lot of interest and discussion too. Several people asked where I got it, so I'm sending them all the link to your site - I hope it generates a bit of business.

Thanks for making this great product available. I'm going to be using it quite a bit.


Shane B, U.S.A.

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