Tom Larson, Hackensack, MN. U.S.A.

Patrick & Seamus:

Just a note.  Here in northern Minnesota we have been having Monsoon type weather, 34 of the last 41 days we have had rain!  Constant and often very heavy rain!  The lakes here are more than a foot above normal.  That is a lot for here!
When camping in this weather, your Kelly Kettle has a distinct advantage!  The fire pan on the bottom keeps the actual fire out of the mud and we have a lot of that!  The fire is enclosed so it does not rain out or blow out.  Using the cook top with the pot not only cooks the stew but it provides an umbrella for the fire below!  It has worked more than a half a dozen times in the last couple of months!  A number of people here have gotten them just for "Rain meals!"  I really like my stainless models too!  We have three sizes!  I don't know which gets more use, the Kelly or my cast iron dutch oven?


Tom Larson
Hackensack, MN. U.S.A.
"The Land of 10,000 Lakes."


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