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Stainless Steel Vs Aluminum

  • For decades Kelly Kettles were made from Aluminum, and these kettles have been known to last for literally decades!   However, in recent years there has been significant demand, primarily from the North American market, for a Stainless Steel version of our kettle.  Hence, we developed and introduced the steel model of  'Base Camp' kettle in early 2009.
  • Stainless Steel is slightly heavier than Aluminum however; it is a stronger metal and therefore more resilient to dents.
  • The Aluminum kettle boils slightly faster than its steel twin as Aluminum conducts heat faster than steel.
  • The Aluminum kettle is cheaper than its Stainless Steel twin.
  • Stainless Steel kettles should be dried off and stored in a Dry location to prolong the life of the kettle. There is no need to dry off Aluminum kettles and they require very little care - aluminum kettles have been known to literally, last a lifetime.
  • There should be no 'taste' of either metal.
  • Note: If you were considering doing a lot of cooking on the fire base, then the Stainless Steel Kettle is the best option.  The Steel kettles come with a steel base which is more suitable to cooking than the aluminum base, as Steel has a melting point almost twice that of Aluminium. We already have Stainless Steel Cook sets available which are designed to fit inside the steel bases for transport and we will be launching a new 'Steel 'Hobo Stove' attachment in late 2012 which will make cooking on the fire base even easier!

That’s it really…..the choice is yours!


This is the correct way to lift the Kelly Kettle clear of the fire base and flames:

  1. Hold the handle (with both hands) at an angle of 90 degrees to the body of the kettle.
  2. Lift the kettle straight up keeping the handle parallel to the ground.  The weight of the kettle will ensure that the kettle remains upright and that no water will spill.
  3. Once the kettle is clear of the base & flames, you can hold the handle in one hand directly over the chimney of the kettle and easily carry the water to wherever it is needed.
  4. To pour the water, hold the handle in one hand and gently lift on the cork chain to pour.

If more boiling water is needed, simply refill the kettle with cold water and gently place it back on the fire base - again using two hands as shown in the picture below.  Refill the chimney with fuel and 'hey presto', your kettle will be boiled again in about 3-5 minutes.

Lifting the Kelly Kettle

 Note:Never put your hands or lift the handle directly over the chimney of the kettle when the kettle is lit, as it can result in a burn.

Can An Alcohol Burner be used with the Kelly Kettle?
Yes. Many Alcohol Burners etc. can be used with the Kettle kettle however you would need to check to ensure that your burner fits into the base of one of our kettles.
Internal Dimensions of Bases: Fire base of our Small Kettle is c. 10.5 cm in Diameter with a working height of c. 10cm before the chimney of the kettle starts to narrow.
Fire base of Large or Medium Kettles is c. 13cm in Diameter and working height of c. 9cm before the chimney of the kettle starts to narrow.

TOP TIP - When using your alcohol/gel burner, partially cover the chimney top of your Kelly kettle with a flat stone to retain the heat, save fuel and speed up boiling time!

Can I cook over the Kelly Camp Kettle if there is NO water in the chamber?
No, never!
There must always be water in chamber when using the kettle. If you boil the kettle without water in the chamber you could melt the chimney wall and the kettle will be destroyed. The Kettle must always be filled with water before lighting the tinder etc.

Can I order online? 

Yes, you can order online through our SECURE WEBSITE (look for the closed Padlock symbol) by clicking here and simply selecting the category of products that you wish to browse or buy. Alternatively, just select from the 'Our Products' list on the left hand side of every page and add products to your shopping cart as appropriate. Payment Options are either CREDIT CARD - or - PAYPAL account. 99.9% of our customers simply pay using their credit card. If you are not comfortable ordering online, we can take Card Payment over the phone - no problem. When your order is placed we will automatically send a copy of your 'Confirmed' order to whatever e-mail address you provide. We will send you an e-mail once your order has 'Shipped'. For shipping information click Here. If you have any problems, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact us page or use the 'Call me back' facility which is on the right hand side of every page and we will help you out.