I have knocked the Handle off my old steel kettle!

On our stainless steel kettles, the brackets for the handles are spot-welded onto the side of the Kettle (as is the chain attachment). If your stainless steel kettle takes a heavy knock causing the spot welds to fail and one side of the handle (or the entire handle!) to come loose, then it may be possible to do a quick fix and keep boiling ;-)
We have seen a whole variety of ways to fix this .....
  • Glues can work, e.g. Superglue, Loctite, or other Metal glues. Can use a heat resistant glue but the temperature on the outside of the kettle is not particularly high.
  • We have seen large jubilee clips used to strap the brackets on!
  • Other people have actually removed the handle completely to make the kettle fit into tight spaces (Kayaks/Bikes/Rucksacks, etc.). We have seen leather straps/old belts (something with grip that doesn't slip easily) wrapped around the top ('shoulder' where the handles are normally attached) of the kettle. When paired with a soft rope or light wire handle this methods works nicely!
  • Another useful idea if removing the handle is to place a Neoprene sleeve/jacket around the upper part of the kettle - and attached some sort of fabric/rope handle to that. In addition to packing slightly smaller, users advise that the neoprene helps the kettle boil faster. But 30 seconds or a minute faster really wouldn't put me up nor down when I'm relaxing and looking forward to a cuppa. :-) The neoprene would however give the kettle a little protection against knocks and scrapes. ;-)
  • And of course you could spot weld the bracket back on (a local car mechanic might be able to spot weld the stainless steel)

  • Hopefully you never need to use any of these tips, but if you run into trouble with your handle - know that there are options available ;-)