Hobo Stove (Accessory) Small - fits 'Trekker' models

Place this Hobo Stove™  accessory on to the fire base of your 'Trekker' Kettle to create a highly effective wood fired Camp Stove.

Any size pot or pan can be used on the Hobo Stove

Takes up no extra space .... it fits neatly inside the fire base of your Trekker kettle for storage.   The small 350ml Cup (available in the cup set) fits inside our small cook pot, which fits inside this Hobo, which fits inside the fire base  :-)

Made from 0.7mm Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.07 kg / 0.16 lb
Height 50mm,  Diameter 120mm

Note: This Hobo stove will not work on the fire base of the larger 'Base Camp' and 'Scout' Kettles.

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Place this Hobo Stove™  accessory on to the fire-base of your 'Trekker' Kettle to create a highly effective wood fired Camp Stove.

  • Safe, easy and fun to use: Creates stable cooking surface for pot or fry pan and the fire is safely contained within the unit.
  • Fuel efficient: Heat is directed toward the pot or fry pan on the top.
  • Works in all weather conditions.
  • Uses any solid fuel.
  • Compact & Tough: Packs away inside the Kelly Kettle fire-base

Directions for use

1. Place the Hobo Stove on the Kettles fire-base with the wide rim of the Hobo sitting on the fire-base.
2. Face the circular holes of the fire-base into the wind. Face the large 'feeder' hole in the side of the Hobo Stove away from the wind.
3. Add fuel as required via the top, side 'feeder' hole of the Hobo Stove, or via the holes in the fire-base.
4. Place any size pot or pan on the Hobo Stove to cook :-)

Allow to cool fully before packing. Just flip the Hobo Stove over and it fits perfectly inside the fire-base!

The fire-base becomes extremely hot and will scorch the ground underneath. So where possible 'leave no trace'' and set up on a non-combustible surface (like sand, gravel, large stone) or use our simple Support under the fire-base to insulate the ground from the heat.
In an emergency, the Hobo Stove can be used without the fire-base if a surface for cooking is needed. Simply place the Hobo Stove on the ground and build the fire inside.

We recommend the Hobo Stove be used with our Stainless Steel fire-bases as Aluminium fire-bases can warp and melt from the intense heat.

Packing small

Many of our accessories pack together saving space. The following all pack: Our 350ml cup > inside the 'Trekker' cook set > inside this Hobo Stove > inside the 'Trekker' fire-base > which inverts up into the bottom of kettle itself! Neat, compact storage! 
Please note: The the larger 500ml cup is too large to fit inside the 'Trekker' cook pot.

Never buy nor carry fuel again! Never run out of fuel again! Simply gather deadwood, twigs, dry grass, pine cones or whatever natural fuel you find lying around in the area - and cook your meal.

Informations complémentaires
Informations complémentaires
Diameter 120mm
Item Weight 0.07kg
Product Capacity Non
Height 50mm
Commentaires des clients (2)
Simple and tough with nothing to go wrong. If you use a trangia type burner in the pot the distance seems just about right and it's easy to put something under the burner if not. It all nests nicely with the firepot and kettle. It also doesn't weigh a lot so is a top class back up option to carry even if you don't plan using it. Can recommend. Review by darren (Posté le 11/08/2022)
Great by itself
I have found this makes a great little Esbit stove used by itself. Review by Fred (Posté le 03/04/2017)
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