Camping Cup Set (350 & 500ml)

2 x High quality single walled Camping Cups (350 & 500ml)

Features Include:

  • Silicone coated foldable handles for comfort
  • CooLip feature (removable) to protect lips from burning
  • Measurements on side of cup
  • Polished internally for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe / Pack together
  • Made from Stainless Steel.     Weight 0.258kg / 9.1oz (combined)

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Description du produit

High quality Camping Cup set which includes 1 x 350ml + 1 x 500ml Cup (two cups in each set)

  • Single walled Stainless Steel
  • Compact: Cups have folding handles & pack inside each other.
  • Versatile: Drink, Eat or Cook in these cups!
  • Comfort: Silicone coated handles & CooLip™ feature to keep your lip safe from burning (2 pcs)
  • Useful: Measurements on the side of the cups in ml and U.S. fl.oz
  • Polished internally for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Packing with the larger 'Base Camp' & medium 'Scout' Models. : Small cup packs inside large cup - and both pack inside the large Cook Pot, which packs inside the large Hobo & fire base of both models.
  • Packing with the Smaller 'Trekker' Model: As the larger 500ml Cup is almost the same size as the small cook pot, both cannot fit together.  So there are two options: 
    1. Pack the two cups inside the Trekker hobo, inside the fire base (exclude the small cook set) or,
    2. Pack the smaller 350ml Cup inside the Trekker Cook set, inside the Hobo, inside the fire base (exclude the larger 500ml cup or carry it separately - perhaps over the kettle chimney of the kettle).

    These cups are suitable for Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Scouting, Working outdoors, Picnics, etc.
    Small Cup:
    Volume:   350ml / 12oz
    Weight:    113g / 0.25lb
    External Diameter 91mm x Height 68mm (Internal diameter 84mm)

    Large Cup:
    Volume:   500 ml / 17oz
    Weight:    136g / .30lb
    External Diameter 104mm x Height 73mm (Internal diameter 96.7mm)

    Informations complémentaires
    Informations complémentaires
    Diameter Small Cup 91mm Large Cup 104mm
    Item Weight Small Cup 116g Large Cup 142g
    Product Capacity 350ml & 500ml
    Height Non
    Commentaires des clients (2)
    Using 500ml as a small pot on the hobostove for heating soups or boiling some pasta, and the small one for drinking coffe. Nice handles. Review by Ola Johansson (Posté le 24/09/2020)
    A Must!
    Obviously designed by someone who has used many similar products / mostly coming with flasks, the main difference between these and the rest is that once you have them, you will always have them. We have all bought the expensive flasks that come with generally one cup. The flask gets broken so you buy a replacement so now you have two cups. Guaranteed, if you can find your flask, if it is not broken, it stinks as it was not completely cleaned out the last time you used it.
    We have all burned our mouths with scalding tea and coffee and our fingers on the handles which are either metal or too thin to grip properly without burning the outside of your fingers.
    In the time t takes to boil an electric kettle in order to fill your flask, the Kelly Kettle has boiled the amount of water you need. That first cuppa goes down a treat. That second cuppa is cold and only fills half the cup.
    I actually use the Kelly Kettle now instead of the electric. Over a year, I save more on my electric bill than the Kelly Kettle costs.
    A tip, if you have a wood burning stove, the top is the perfect place to store your Kelly Kettle. If the water is not boiling as the stove may be low, it is much hotter than cold tap water so you can fill your electric with hot water and bring it to the boil very quickly saving money every time.
    While it has an old fashioned rustic feel to it, objectively, it is a modern no-brainer. It also makes an ideal gift or prize for a fishing / hunting / hiking club as it can easily be engraved.
    So simple, It has the ultimate "I wish I thought of that" factor!

    Tight Lines!
    Review by Paul (Posté le 16/03/2014)
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