Sanford - 250 Sleeping Bag (Blue)

  • Style: Mummy / Cocoon
  • Colour: Outside Blue / Inner Red
  • Size 220 x 80 x 55cm (7'3"x 2'8"x 1'10" in) For people up to 190 cm (6'3" in)
  • Outer Fabric: Polyester Ripstop 50D / 310T cire
  • Lining: Polyester 50D / 310T cire
  • Filling: Water Repellent Eulin Fiber (Down Like) 250 G/SM (125 G/SM x 2 Layers)
  • Drawstring Hood & Draft Collar
  • Integrated Pillow Sleeve
  • Zipper: Left Side / Anti-Snag / Two-Way / Full Length / Wind Baffle
  • Joinable - choose one left and one right sided Zip and join two bags together!
  • Large Zipped Foot Pocket + additional zipped inner pocket for phone/wallet, etc.
  • Machine Washable / Loops to hang and dry the bag.
  • Buckle Release Waterproof (800mm) Compression Bag: Protects bag against light rain allowing it to be carried/attached to the outside of your rucksack. There is nothing worse than a wet sleeping bag!
  • 3-4 Season Bag: Comfort 6C/42F : Limit 1C/34F : Extreme -14C/7F
  • Weight: 1.65kg
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This is an extremely high quality bag that is stuffed full of fabulous features. Built with a two layer construction and no cold spots.

  • Colour: Outside Blue / Inner Light Blue
  • Size:  Size 220 x 80 x 55cm (7'3" x 2'8" x 1'10" in) For people up to 190 cm (6'3" in)
  • Outer Fabric:  Ripstop 50D Nylon. Ripstop technology refers to a technique of weaving where fibers are interwoven in a criss-cross shape (look for the chequered pattern in the material). This significantly improves the final layering and prevents the material from unraveling and a tear spreading.
  • Filling: Water repellent Eulin Fiber (Down Like). 250 G/SM (Two layers of 125 G/SM x 2 Layers)
  • Weight: 1.65kg
  • 3-4 Season Bag Comfort 6C/42F : Limit 1C/34F : Extreme -14C/7F
  • Machine Washable: with loops to help hang and dry the bag
  • Anti-Snag, Full Length, Two-Way Joinable Zippers with Illuminated Puller.
  • Choose Left or Right Side Zip. Our Sleeping bags are available with the zip opening on either side. To make it easier to unzip when you are in it choose a bag where the zip opening is the opposite side to your leading hand. If you are right handed choose a left bag and if you are left handed choose a right bag.
  • Two Way Zip. A two-way zip is useful for easy opening when ventilation is required. Stick your feet out while keeping everything else in...etc. Our zips are full length.
  • Joinable: Expecting company? Then choose one left and one right sided Zip and join the two bags together!
  • Zip Baffle: Heat can easily be lost through the zipped area of a sleeping bag, an insulated zip baffle (behind the zip) helps reduce heat loss.
  • Zip Cover: A piece of fabric that is fastened with velcro covers the zip when the bag is fully zipped up helping to prevent the zip coming undone when asleep.
  • Drawstring Hood: Much of your body heat is lost through your head. Our shaped hood will help keep in heat. The draw cord closure allows you to pull the hood tight against your face for added warmth.
  • Drawstring Draft Collar: Tighten the collar around your shoulders to prevent heat loss from the bag.
  • Integrated Pillow Sleeve
  • Inner Pocket: Zipped. Located near the top of the bag and handy for keeping valuables such as wallets and phones safely tucked away.
  • Foot Pocket: Large and Zipped
  • Waterproof Compression Bag: allows bag to be carried/attached to the outside of your rucksack. There is nothing worse than a wet sleeping bag!
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