How does the Kelly Kettle kit pack?

The Kelly Kettle system is designed to pack very compact, like a Russian Doll - one piece inside the next!

'Base Camp' & 'Scout' systems
  • The small 350ml Cup fits inside the larger 500ml cup.
  • Both cups pack inside our large cook pot (Base Camp & Scout Models)
  • Cook set packs inside the hobo stove
  • Hobo Stove packs inside the fire-base.
  • Fire-Base packs inside the bottom of the kettle.
  • Plates can be placed at the bottom of the green carry bag and everything else placed on top ;-)
'Trekker' system
Note: The large cup will not pack inside the smaller 'Trekker' Cook set, but the smaller 350ml cup will. So if carrying the cup set (2 pcs) with your 'Trekker' kettle, the larger Cup can be packed upside down over the chimney top. It won't pack into the bottom with everything else (small cup > small Cook pot > Trekker Hobo > Fire-Base)