Journey™ Water Purifier Bottle - Orchid - REMOVES: Bacteria, Virus & Cryptosporidium - Filters 946ltrs

Filtered water bottle - REMOVES: BACTERIA, VIRUS & CRYPTOSPORIDIUM. Filters 946ltrs (250 gallons) of contaminated water. Bottle has 750ml (24 fl oz) capacity. 

The Sagan™ Journey™ Water Bottle - with filter is a filtered water bottle for everyday use, all outdoor adventures, survival and emergency preparedness. The Journey™ Water Filter removes bacteria, virus, giardia and 118 waterborne chemicals, including fluoride and other contaminants from any non-salt water source.  Makes any water - safe water. View Sagan™ Water Filter Test Results performed by independent water laboratories. The best water filter you can buy for your personal water bottle. 

TRUST YOUR JOURNEY™  Sagan™ manufactures only BPA free water bottles.

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Sagan now offers the best water filter for your personal water bottle. The Sagan Journey™ Water Bottle - with filter is a filtered water bottle for everyday use, all outdoor adventures, survival and emergency preparedness. The Journey™ Water Filter removes bacteria, virus, giardia and unwanted contaminants.  Makes any water - safe water. Have a look at our test results – performed by independent water testing laboratories. 

The Sagan Journey Water Bottle is available in Blue, Orchid and Double Walled Stainless Steel. Holds 750ml (24 oz) of liquid. Flip cap makes it easy to open. Patented "well" design allows you to get every drop. Includes one filter which filters up to 946ltrs (250 gallons) of water.  Read more about theSagan Journey Water Bottle at Sagan  

The Journey Bottle can be used with our without the water filter. To use as a regular bottle, simply remove the short straw (with filter attached)  and insert the long straw (no filter) which is provided with each new bottle.

Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Sagan manufactures only BPA free water bottles. 

Water filtration systems by Sagan™ Filters are tested to establish the water filter's "End of Life"and certified by independent water laboratories meeting and exceeding EPA standards for the removal of:  99.9999% of Bacteria,  99.99% of Virus,  99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia  and unwanted contaminants from your water. We are taking water purification to a new level.   Our water filters are absolute and we stand by our results. Make sure the water filters and filtered water bottles you are using can stand by what they claim!

“End of Life” testing involves testing the filter over and over again by spiking it repeatedly with all the 'nasties' (Virus, Bacteria, Giardia, etc) until it starts to fail.   It is a vital part of proving the water filter you are using does what it claims it can do.  Many filters will work the first (and usually only) time they are spiked with all the nasties and tested.  But do they still work when spiked repeatedly up to 100, 300, 500 or even 1000ltrs? Have they even tried to test them again?  Go ask your existing water filter supplier to show you their conclusive “end of life” testing results.

Sagan™ offers the best, most tested and trusted water filters you can buy for outdoor adventures, water storage, water purification and filtered water bottles for everyday use. Great for camping, hiking, backpacking, survival.

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Customer Reviews (8)
Brought it on my studies abroad
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I took my water bottle with me during my study abroad trip to Japan and it was fantastic! I saved so much time and money being able to fill my water bottle with tap water on the go rather than having to buy water at convenience stores. The water always tasted great and I was so grateful that I didn't have to worry about getting sick from contaminated water during my stay. I appreciated this bottle immensely. Review by Emily Bowles (Posted on 21/11/2017)
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The Journey Water Filter Bottles would be perfect for travel abroad. I've used different things in India, Ecuador, and Mexico to purity water, but I can't imagine anything simpler or more reliable than the Journey bottle.

We took them along on a ride and a hike out to the hot springs last week and people were a little shocked when they saw us fill them up from the creek and just start drinking. So easy.
Review by Joe, Emilie and Uschi - Permanent Roadtrip (Posted on 21/11/2017)
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We've been testing the Journey Bottle over the last few weeks for Sagan Life and I'll be honest, we LOVE it! Filtering water has never been easier. You literally just fill the bottle with water and drink. It's ridiculously convenient! Honestly everyone should have one of these! Review by Outdoor Adventure Crew (Posted on 21/11/2017)
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We got these bottles to use while hiking, boating or otherwise outdoor adventuring and they are amazing. We've use them in the Colorado River, Lake Powell and Lake Mead so far and they work great. These are the best way to get ready-filtered water while in the back country. Review by Aaron Martin (Posted on 21/11/2017)
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I took this filter bottle up a 14er peak in Colorado (about a 13 mile hike) recently and it was a complete game changer for me. I do a lot of full day hikes like this one and usually have to carry all my water for the day with me. Being able to fill up in the creek along the way significantly reduced the weight of my pack. My favorite part- no pumping or squeezing, just filled it up and had safe drinking water. I also really appreciate that the bottle is made of BPA-free material! Review by Grace (Posted on 21/11/2017)
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This water bottle is awesome! It's perfect for outdoor adventures and living life on the go! Water is always essential and this bottle allows you to always have a clean source of water. Highly recommended for anyone who is adventurous and loves spontaneous outdoor activities. Review by Luke Bender (Posted on 21/11/2017)
Journey Water Bottle Filter Journey Water Bottle Filter AquaVeritas is an organization dedicated to providing water filter test results on all personal water filter bottles and water filter systems. Journey Water Bottle Filter QUICK OVERVIEW NEW PRODUCT
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Thirsty Thursday. Nothing like drinking ice cold water from an alpine lake. We used our @saganlife Journey water filter bottle out on our hike to Hope Lake. It's super easy to drink through and the water flows quickly and easily through the filter. Each filter filters up to 250 gallons of heavily contaminated water meeting and exceeding EPA standards. Super convenient and easy to use and if your hiking where there is water this helps reduce pack weight by eliminating having to carry extra water. @dustydesertdogs Review by K.Irwin (Posted on 21/11/2017)
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No more lugging around liters of water while hiking the shade-less canyon country. This Sagan Journey Filter Bottle instantly filters contaminated water and has a lifespan of 250 gallons. As long as I have a water source when hiking, this is ALL I need for clean water. No more messy pumps, tubes and multiple (heavy) bottles.
Review by SoCal Travels (Posted on 23/06/2017)
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