News - Spring 2023 - Keeping Her Lit

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Spring has sprung – or at least is springing!

We recently had St. Patrick's Day which historically is celebrated within a few days of the Spring Equinox. Hence our days are now officially longer than our nights and we can look forward to doing more activities and adventures in the coming evenings – here in the Northern Hemisphere at least!

So, in anticipation of more evening walks and adventures, we want to chat about one of the things we love most about the Kelly Kettle. It’s the fact that you can use absolutely anything flammable to get it going.

If you think of a standard gas-fuelled camping stove, you’re dependent on being able to get enough cylinders to keep you going. Plus, you need to have packed enough to cover your expedition. If you miscalculate; you’re stuck. But not so with the Kelly Kettle!

Kelly Kettle Range

Our family of Kettles are perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, picnics, hiking or just a brew-up in the garden.But you’re well-used to hearing us describe them. So, this time, we’ve left it up to our customers to let you know just how much fun our kettles can be.

Fuels for the Kelly Kettle

Even damp sticks can do the job. Once you use something dry as tinder in the fire base, you can feed the damp wood down through the chimney. Note: Leave the sticks long - sticking out the chimney top if possible! The heat rising up the chimney will dry the sticks out as they gravity feed down into the main fire

Pine Cones
Handy if you’re near a forest and brilliant for using to cook with your Hobo stove.

Dry Grass
This burns very fast, so just use it to get the fire lit quickly. To get the most value from it, bunch it up and twist it before lighting.

Dried Peat (Turf)
Turf needs good kindling to get it going but will burn hot and slow, making it great for cooking.

Dried Animal Dung
This burns in a similar way to turf, but make sure to stand upwind; you don’t want your clothes stinking afterwards!

Paper and Cardboard
These will burn fast so keep feeding the fire and don’t forget about them. Like with the dry grass, bunch and twist the paper to get the most out of it.

Spirit Burner or Alcohol Stove
Typically these are small and the flames/heat would be concentrated in the centre of the kettle - causing much of the heat to escape straight up the chimney. Covering most of the chimney top (with a flat rock, etc.) may help speed up the boil time a little bit. Alternatively, place something onto the spirit burner to throw the flames wider and out against the chimney walls.

Fuel Tablets
You’ll need to consider many of the same things as for a spirit burner (see above.) Boil time will be much slower than for sticks/pine cones. And of course, if you’re really stuck, you could always burn your mate’s shirt. Or even their underpants! Again (as with the dung), just make sure to stand upwind when you do!

These points were taken from our Fuel FAQ page. Take a look at our range of FAQs to find out more about how to get the best from your kettle.

New Ultralight Tarp

New Ultralight Tarp: A Portable and Dependable Shelter On The Go: New Ultralight Tarp (2.9 x 3.6 metres)
Ultralight doesn’t mean flimsy! While this new tarp is lightweight (640g) to carry around, its Ripstop technology gives it all the durability and strength of heavier tarps. It stops fabric from unravelling and tears from spreading, meaning you can enjoy this piece of kit on many adventures for years to come. Best of all, the tarp is fully waterproof, so you’ll never have to return home feeling damp again! So why not consider this spacious tarp if you need:

  • Cover for hammocks
  • To protect your gear
  • To provide shelter in camp
  • A drier way to eat your picnic!

There are hundreds of possible ways to set up this tarp. With 8 guy attachment points, you’ll be able to configure it in the way that works best for your needs, the weather conditions and the environment around you.

To see the tarp in action, check out this video below from the YouTube channel TreeDeep Outdoors

Kelly Kettle Ultralight Tarp

On Our Socials
You know how much we love seeing what you’re up to with your Kelly Kettle. Here’s a short selection of snaps from our Facebook & Twitter pages: do you feel inspired?

First up, William Russell enjoyed the first burn of his Kelly Kettle in some stunningly snowy surroundings. Then, dinner in the woods this evening with the #KellyKettle Hobo Stove Thanks to Steen Christiansen for the pic.

Kelly Kettle Photo Competition

Bottom left, we can almost smell Ian Witherley’s tasty soup dinner, just finished simmering on the Hobo stove. And finally, Eddie Jones and his wife enjoyed an afternoon at the beach in Potamos, Cyprus. If you have any shots of your own to share, check our social media channels by clicking the icons below or enter them in the Memory Maker Competition

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