14 Day Trex Comparison

Kelly Kettle v Jetboil

Kelly Kettle v Jetboil Comparison

Kelly Kettle v Jetboil Comparison

And the winner is  Kelly Kettle® Trekker

The Advantages of using the Kelly Kettle® Trekker on your outings compared to canister camping are:

  • No fuel to purchase
  • No fuel to carry
  • No continued operating costs
  • No fuel lines to get plugged or cracked
  • No igniters to get bent, broken or plugged
  • Works every time without fail - even in extreme weather
  • Can take it with you as you travel on trains, planes and automobiles
  • Boils water in just a few minutes with very little natural fuel (uses a small handful of sticks, twigs, pine cones, bark, etc.)
  • Environmental friendly. No canister to dispose of
  • Build up a bed of hot embers in a protected environment, out of the wind and rain. These embers can then be used to quickly build the camp fire  :-)

"I love my Kelly Kettle"  -  Bear Grylls, TV Presenter, Adventurer, Survival Instructor, Businessman

"I'm really impressed that Kelly Kettle doesn't require you to bring fuel and that you never run out of it. Just to go picking some more sticks and you have a solution that works indefinitely. It's therefore also very environment friendly. Love it!"   -   Sören Kjellkvist, Sweden, Professional Adventurer & Environmental Campaigner

The Kelly Kettle Trekker is the winner for all of your backpacking and camping needs. Weighing in at only 540g for the Aluminium version (or 680g for the Stainless Steel Kettle) you are sure to find a place to pack this essential piece of gear. Unlike the Jetboil, or any other canister stove, the Kelly Kettle requires no fuel to weigh you down on your journey.

The decision is easy. The Kelly Kettle costs less to buy and using the Kelly Kettle allows you to save money on fuel. The Kelly Kettle also allows you to carry less weight and takes up less space in your pack than the Jetboil Flash and fuel canisters. The added bonus is you have the peace of mind knowing the Kelly Kettle will deliver every time! 

Trekking with a Kelly Kettle is easy on your wallet and your back. Buy yourself a Kelly Kettle today and start planning your next adventure.

Kelly Kettle – Outdoor Life Enjoyed™

Kelly Kettle® is not affiliated with Jetboil®. Jetboil® is a registered trademark of Jetboil, Inc.