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FREE SHIPPING to the U.K. & Ireland on all Kettles and Kettle Kits, with REDUCED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to Europe & Rest of The World.

Aluminium Kettles + Stainless steel accessories available here. Accessories may include Cook Sets, Pot Support, Cup Set, Hobo Camp stove, Plate set. etc.   All of our Aluminium Kettles now come with UPGRADED Stainless Steel Fire-Bases as Standard. This enables them to be paired with our Steel 'Hobo Stove' for easy Cooking in the Outdoors.

A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on our 'Base Camp' & 'Scout' Kettles and Kits.  

'Basic Kit'     - includes Kettle + Cook Set + Pot Support + Carry Bag.                                                                                                                                                            'Ultimate Kit - Value Deal' includes Kettle + Cook Set + Pot Support + Hobo Stove + Cup Set + Plate Set + Carry Bag.

The 3 size kettles are: BASE CAMP 1.6 ltrs / SCOUT 1.2 ltrs / TREKKER 0.6 ltrs