Ultimate 'Scout' Kit (Aluminium) - VALUE DEAL (FREE 6 Pack Sporks)

Ultimate ALU 'Scout' Kelly Kettle Kit ....includes 1.2 ltr Aluminium 'Scout' Kettle + Green Whistle + Cook Set + Hobo Stove + Camping Cup Set (2pcs) + Plate Set (2pcs)* + Pot Support + Carry Bag.
This NEW version of the kettle is anodised aluminium with an upgraded steel fire base.  All the accessories are 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Suitable for Camping, Family Picnics, Scouts, Fishing, Hunting, Survival Kit etc.  See Product Description below. 
Total Kit Weight 1.8 kg / 3.97 lb (excluding packaging) 
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This is an extremely efficient Camping Kit which is suitable for Fishing, hunting, Scouts, family picnics, Car Camping, Kayakers.  Add it to your wilderness / Disaster / Earthquake or Survival kit.   Superb camping gear or for anyone who works in or enjoys the outdoors.

This 'Ultimate Kit' includes the following items:

  • 1.2ltr Aluminium 'Scout' Kelly Kettle, green whistle & fire base. (Anodised Aluminium Kettle + upgraded steel fire base)
  • Cook set      - which includes: 0.85ltr Pot / Frying Pan (pot lid) / 2 Piece Grill / Gripper Handle
  • Base/Pot Support - two pieces which flat pack for easy packing.
  • Camping Cup set  - 500 & 350ml cups with silicone CooLIp pieces, silicone coated foldable handles, measurements on the inside of the cup & polished interior for easy cleaning.
  • Hobo Stove  - for cooking over the fire base.
  • Camping Plate Set  (All the accessories are made from Stainless Steel)   
  • Drawstring carrying bag 

A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on this Kettle and will let you know when the water has boiled.  

*Note: Prior to June '18 the green whistle was not included as standard with this Ultimate Kit offering.

Total Kit Weight 2.54 kg / 5.6lb (excluding packaging) 

As there is no need to carry fuel, this kit will keep your pack light and save you money at the same time - never worry about running out of fuel again!   All fit neatly within the kettle itself for transport or storage. 

Cost-FREE to run! Never worry about running out of fuel again. Simply gather deadwood, twigs, dry grass, pine cones or whatever natural fuel you find lying around in the area and you can bring 6 cups of water to the boil within a matter of minutes while at the same time (and using the same fuel) cook small amounts of food over the chimney (using the pot on the support) as the kettle boils. Hence, a very small amount of fuel will both boil your water for hot drinks, washing up, personal hygiene, etc. and cook your meal at the same time!

This kit works in ALL weather conditions.  The Hobo Camp Cook Stove makes camp cooking simple and easy.  Simply drop the Hobo Stove accessory onto the fire-base of the kettle and cook.  You can add fuel to the fire via the opening in the side of the stove, without removing the pot/pan from the top.  Outdoor cooking made easy! Enjoy your hot drinks and meal with our quality Camp Cups and Plates.  

For more details on how best to use the Pot-Support and Cook set, please click here or go to our Frequently asked Questions page. If more than 1.2ltrs of boiling water are required (this kettle will easily and quickly boil water for 10-14 people within a matter of minutes) simply refill the kettle with water and place it back on the firebase. Refuel the chimney again and your kettle will boil again within approx. 3-5 minutes.

Please note: Per our instruction leaflets, the Kettle is not designed to be a water carrier. It has been designed to boil water extremely fast in all weather conditions using very little fuel. When filled with water, the Kelly Kettles should always be carried upright to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top.

Additional Information
Diameter 18.5cm
Item Weight 1.8 kg / 3.97 lb Excluding packaging
Product Capacity Kettle 1.2ltr
Kettle Height 27cm
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