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Original Link here Christmas - Are You Ready? Kelly Kettle Newsletter, December 2022

It wouldn’t be Christmas without chimneys (even if only in a festive movie). We all know they’re Santa’s preferred way of getting into a home!

But have you ever thought about actually giving a “chimney” as a Christmas present? It’s the double-walled chimney of a Kelly Kettle that makes its design so effective. But don’t forget: they’re compact and portable, so don’t expect the man in red to make it down!

Here’s a quick overview of our Kelly Kettle range, as well as some camping accessories, if you’re looking for something special for the outdoor enthusiast in your life this year.

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Kelly Kettle Range

Our family of Kettles are perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, picnics, hiking or just a brew-up in the garden.But you’re well-used to hearing us describe them. So, this time, we’ve left it up to our customers to let you know just how much fun our kettles can be.

Base Camp Kelly Kettle

Base Camp (1.6L): For the person who likes getting everyone together

This is our original-sized model and the best for larger families or groups.

“Had the basecamp model for years now. I've not found anything that uses biomass type fuels that boils water as quick as a kelly kettle. Recently bought the hobo stove addition and it's great. Does what it's meant to with little to go wrong. Sturdy build quality as well. If the grid goes down or if you are out with the family the basecamp model is a great fall back. Wanting to get the trekker model for when walking. Totally recommended.”

Scout Kelly Kettle

Scout (1.2L): For the person who brings along their nearest and dearest

Slightly smaller than the Base Camp, it can still cater for small gatherings. A more compact choice if you plan to be on the move.

“I just wanted to say a big thanks for possibly the best outdoor related thing I have ever owned. Had my scout kettle for just over a year, and now it is not an 'occasional' use item for camping, it has replaced my petrol and gas stoves. (Especially after adding the hobo stove). Not only is it incredibly practical and insanely fast, it is also good fun to use, and when used in a basecamp style way, collecting suitable fuel for the duration gives you something to do if you get a bit bored. I have probably now convinced at least 5 people to get one.”
M. Perkins, UK

Kelly Kettle Sale Items

Camping/Hiking Accessories
Of course, we know there are lots of aspects to a great expedition, big or small. Check out our selection of outdoor equipment, designed to make your trips run smoothly.

A lightweight option for the solo adventurer.

“OK, I admit that I have a stove problem. One on the bike, one in the car, one in the...My Trekker Kelly is just the bees knees though. Summer or winter, wherever you are you can get a fire going in it quickly with a few pine cones and sticks. I do wish I'd bought the full kit all together. (I think I was worried about the stability of the narrower kettle - (I needn't have)) but on a winter walk a pint of tea and a pot noodle work wonders for morale even if you can't run to the pot and stand. One of the best pieces of gear I have ever bought.”

Explorer Rucksack 55L: 10% OFF This rugged yet stylish backpack can be used for longer adventures or adapted to a small day bag for shorter outings.
Mummy/Cocoon Sleeping Bag: Stay cosy and enjoy a great night’s sleep, wherever you go. You can even zip these sleeping bags together!
Sagan XStream Straw: Allows you to drink safe water directly from a stream or any non-salt water source
OFFER: 'Clann' - 6 Person Tent + FREE 'Base Camp' Kettle: Sturdy Dome shaped 6 person tent for family camping or overnight fun!

Feeling Festive?
Just to get you into the Christmas spirit, this majestic mountain scene from Thomas Rooney.

Feeling Festive?

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