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As nature gives us the first hints of autumn, the students and teachers in our lives are getting ready to return to school or college. But regardless of your stage of life, it’s always the right time to keep learning about the things you love. So, we’ve gathered together some helpful articles from our website to help you learn more about getting the most out of Kelly Kettles - whether you already own one or are on the fence about purchasing.

This is How The Magic Happens: How The Kelly Kettle Works

This is How The Magic Happens: How The Kelly Kettle Works
Many people feel baffled when they first see a Kelly Kettle. How does it work? Where exactly does the water go? This article demystifies the kettle and its use: make sure to watch the video, which uses a cut-in-half model to show exactly what goes on inside.

How to Clean Your Kettle

Shipshape - How to Clean Your Kettle
Discover how to correctly clean all the parts of your kettle, with some proven user tips. And find out why there’s one section you might just want to leave as dirty as possible!

How to Correctly Handle Your Kettle

Safety First: How to Correctly Handle Your Kettle
Learn how to lift your kettle on and off the fire base - without burning your fingers. Your Kelly Kettle is a handy outdoor friend but, as with any stove, it needs to be approached with care and concentration.

The Right Types of Fuel to Use in Your Kettle

Keep Her Lit: The Right Types of Fuel to Use in Your Kettle
The beauty of the Kelly Kettle is that you can use almost anything flammable to get it to work. This makes it a particularly useful tool for emergency situations. However, some materials do work better than others, so make sure to read our advice on getting the best boil out of your kettle. Some of our suggestions may surprise you!

DIY Time: How to Repair a Leaky Old Kettle
What do black pepper, eggs and epoxy have in common? They’re all handy tools to include in your Kelly Kettle repair kit! If your kettle has been a long-time companion, it may eventually spring a leak. But don’t panic: it’s not the end of the road. Learn how to keep your kettle going for years to come.

How to Repair a Leaky Old Kettle

Better Than Your Childhood School Bag: Our New Rambler Backpack
Our lightweight bag is 100% waterproof, keeping your everyday essentials dry whether you’re: On a day-long hike/trek/cycle / Commuting / Heading to the gym.
Need a little extra space? No problem! The bag expands from 23 litres to 30 litres, meaning you don’t have to make any tricky packing choices. And you’ll be comfortable all day, whatever your adventure, thanks to the backpack’s padding, sternum straps and adjustable shoulder straps.

Our New Rambler Backpack

Kelly Kettle Summer Bucket List
Back in May, we launched our Kelly Kettle Summer Bucket List. If you tried any of our suggestions, we’d love to hear how you got on. Why not submit a photo to our Memory Maker Competition and share your adventures with the Kelly Kettle community? Thanks to Joanna (@incredible_edible on Instagram) for this great picture of a tea break during one of her summer foraging events in Devon and Cornwall.

@incredible_edible on Instagram

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