Comparing the Original Kelly Kettle® to Copies of our Kettles

The Kelly Kettle was invented in Ireland back in 1891 by Patrick Kelly, great-grandfather of the current directors of the company.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our customer service. After all, it has our name on it.  As a 4th generation business, you can have confidence that Kelly Kettle will back up our warranty with action. 

Aluminium or Stainless Steel?

Kelly Kettles are available in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is by far the most popular material with customers.
Copies of our Kettles are available in Aluminium only.

All Kelly Kettle accessories are made from Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel (Camping Cups / Camp Plates / Cook Sets / Pot-Support / Hobo camp Stove)
Copies of our Kettles provide accessories made from Aluminium. (Cook set / Pot Support / Hobo Stove). These accessories are uncannily like the items Kelly Kettle designed and created!
Kelly Kettle® - Copied but never equalled.

Kettle Accessories

Kelly Kettles come with upgraded stainless steel Fire-bases as standard. Stainless Steel has a melting point almost twice that of Aluminium so is much more tolerant of higher temperatures than Aluminium. Because of this, Kelly Kettle company provide upgraded stainless steel fire-bases on all our kettles.
Copies of our kettles only come with aluminium bases which soften, warp, buckle and burn through very quickly.  Stainless Steel fire bases of the Kelly Kettle are suitable to be used as wood-fired Cook stoves. The steel 'Hobo Stove' cooking accessory turns the steel fire base of the Kelly Kettle into a self-contained and highly efficient wood fuelled camp stove.

Aluminium copies of our Hobo Stove will soften, burn out and need replacing very very quickly. As will the aluminium base the are used on! 

Kelly Kettle® - Copied but never equalled.

The Kelly Kettle now comes with a soft Green Whistle as Standard.  Traditionally, the Kelly Kettle was supplied with a cork. In more recent years, we replaced the cork with a hot-orange silicone bung/stopper. Now we have replaced the stopper with a Whistle.  The idea of a whistling kettle comes from domestic stove top kettles which whistle when they come to the boil.



The Kelly whistle is embedded in a green (for go!) rubber stopper to differentiate it from the previous  orange stopper. The new whistle fits all our new kettles and easily retro fits onto any of our older kettles. The rubber ensures that the whistle will not get stuck as can happen with some metal whistles due to expansion from heating/cooling. 
Some people like the idea of a safety whistle as it sounds off when the kettle boils. However, we should stress that the Kelly Kettle boils very fast, so there is not much waiting around and no fire in the wild should ever be left unattended.  Additionally, please consider your neighbours before using any whistle ... they may be trying to sleep!
Copies of our kettles may have a metal whistle or cork stopper.


Kelly Kettle products come in full Colour Packaging with Instruction leaflets, product booklet & Warranty Cards, making them perfect for a gift.

Warranty Service

Shop with us in confidence. We have been around for four generations and our fast, friendly, family service is second to none. If you have a problem, just call us!  All of our products are covered by a Two Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. We will look after you.

Kelly Kettle® - Copied but never equalled.

Proud of our heritage and tradition, the Kelly Kettle Company will continue to develop new products based on valued customer feedback.  After all, we wouldnt be here without you!  :-) 

Kelly Kettle® & Volcano Kettle® are Registered Trademarks of the Kelly Kettle Company, Ireland.   Kelly Kettle® - Outdoor Life Enjoyed™