Stainless Steel 'Base Camp' Kettle (1.6ltr) - Basic Kit

Save now with this kit! Boil water and cook food - at the same time! The traditional large size Kelly Kettle or also known as the Volcano Kettle used by Irish Fishermen for over 125 years. Ideal for Car Camping & Survival Kits or fun family picnics. This Kit contains:

    • 'Base Camp' Kettle (1.6ltr) and fire-base.
    • Cook set - which includes: 0.85ltr Pot
    • Frying Pan (pot lid)
    • 2 Piece Grill - to be placed on the fire-base facilitating grilling over the coals or, simply to create a base for the Pot to sit on.
    • Gripper Handle.
    • Pot/Base Support - use to cook items over the chimney as the kettle boils, or use under the fire-base to prevent ground scorch to lawns, decking or picnic tables.
    • Drawstring Storage Bag

    All items are Stainless Steel and fit neatly within the kettle itself for transport / storage.

    Please Note: The Hobo Stove, Cups & Plates are NOT INCLUDED in this Basic kit

    A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on this Kettle and will let you know when the water has boiled.
    This NEW version of the kettle has an all welded construction and no rivets.
    Suitable for Car Camping, Family Picnics, Scouts, Fishing, Hunting, Survival Kit etc.  See Product Description below. 

    Total Kit Weight: 1.62 kg / 3.56 lb (excluding packaging)

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Product Description

This is an extremely efficient Camping Kit which is suitable for Fishing, hunting, Scouts, family picnics, Car Camping, Kayakers.  Add it to your wilderness / Disaster / Earthquake or Survival kit.   Superb camping gear or for anyone who works in or enjoys the outdoors.

A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on this Kettle and will let you know when the water has boiled.  

This 'Basic Kit' includes the following items:

  • 1.6ltr Stainless Steel 'Base Camp' Kettle & fire base. (New model kettle, no rivets & laser welded)
  • Cook set      - which includes: 0.85ltr Pot / Frying Pan (pot lid) / 2 Piece Grill / Gripper Handle
  • New Model Pot / Base Support - two pieces which flat pack for easy packing.
  • Fire-Base and Drawstring carrying bag 

As there is no need to carry fuel, this kit will keep your pack light and save you money at the same time - never worry about running out of fuel again!  
The durable steel fire base and cook set invert up into the bottom of the kettle to make the unit as compact as possible for transport and storage.

Cost FREE to run! Simply gather deadwood, twigs, dry grass, pine cones or whatever natural fuel you find lying around in the area and you can bring 6 cups of water to the boil within a matter of minutes while at the same time (and using the same fuel) cook small amounts of food over the chimney (using the pot on the support) as the kettle boils. Hence, a very small amount of fuel will both boil your water for hot drinks, washing up, personal hygiene, etc. and cook your meal at the same time! This kit works in ALL weather conditions.

For more details on how best to use the Pot-Support and Cook set, please go to our Frequently asked Questions page. This kettle will easily and quickly boil water for a large group of people. If more than 1.6ltrs of water is required, simply refill the kettle with water, place it back on the fire base, re-fuel the chimney and your kettle will boil again within minutes.

Please note: The Kettle has been designed to boil water extremely fast in all weather conditions using very little fuel. When filled with water, the Kelly Kettle should always be carried upright to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top.

Older Kettles may have an Orange Rubber or Cork Stopper. These MUST ALWAYS be removed before using the kettle. The Kettle must never be boiled with these older stoppers in the spout.  

Additional Information
Additional Information
Zip No
Diameter Kettle width 15.5cm / Widest point of fire base is 18.5cm
Item Weight Total Kit Weight: 1.62 kg / 3.56 lb (excluding packaging)
Product Capacity 1.6 ltr / 56.3 fl.oz. (UK)
Kettle Height 34 cm / 13 inches (packed)
Customer Reviews (5)
oh yeahhhhhhh!
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One of the best inventions ever! I pack my kayak with my Ultimate Base Camp kit, Dry Bag full of dehydrated foods in baggies, a jug of water and my jungle hammock/bivi w/ tarp and paddle off into Neverland for the weekend. What a fun way to get out of lawn work! Review by sasquatch (Posted on 05/04/2017)
It really is a thing of beauty, absolutely love it :)
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My Kelly kettle kit arrived safely on Tuesday, many thanks. It really is a thing of beauty, absolutely love it :)
Today was my first opportunity to fire it up. I was amazed just how easy it was to light and just how quickly it boiled 1.5 litres of water with just a few twigs. No ones hedge is safe around here now :D

All I seem to have done today is collect twigs, boiled water and sat making tea in the garden. I feel so chilled out, just watching the smoke. I do smell rather like a garden bonfire The wind is light and variable here so no matter where you sit the smoke gets you.

Can't wait to take it on my next canoe trip :)
Many thanks & best wishes
Roger :)
Review by Roger, U.K. (Posted on 26/08/2014)
everyone needs one!!
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Hi I have a stainless steel base camp Kelly kettle which Santa delivered last year. It has been used a lot during the year on several scout camps and river canoe cruises. I like the simplicity of its design and how effective it is at doing its job. It lives in the back of my van so it is always at hand for a hot brew or tasty meal. I have also purchased the hobo stove and mug set to complete the set.
Its a big thumbs up from me and i would recommend them to anyone.
John Heaps
Review by the b.f.g. (Posted on 26/07/2014)
Great Invention! Absolutely wonderful!
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Hi and thanks for your very speedy handling and delivery, the fabulous kettle arrived yesterday morning by An Post (Irish National Postal Service)

We tried it out and yes it does everything it said on the label, hot water in minutes with some sticks, leaves, straw, grass, anything that burns.
We're very happy with it and if it doesn't rain too much this year, we'll put it to good use when we're camping.
At the moment we boil the water in it to do the dishes!

Great invention! Absolutely wonderful! Wish we knew of it existence when we first started camping way back in the sixties.
J. Besterveld, Ireland
Review by J. Besterveld, Ireland (Posted on 28/05/2014)
Testimonial - super fast shipping!
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Dear Kelly Kettle company,

I'd like to give you a thumbs up for your superfast service. Shipped 28th, arrived 31st in the Netherlands. That is amazingly fast. Besides that I noticed that shipping charges on the box were 10 Euro, whereas you only charge your customers 5! One hardly sees that in the internet shopping mall nowadays. I haven't had the time to try out the kettle yet, but will do so soon and hope to take it on a Bushcraft or hiking trip soon as well.

Kind regards,
Sebastian Aller
The Netherlands
Review by Sebastian Aller (Posted on 05/03/2013)
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