Making a small Oven from Kelly Kettle Plates

Take your Kelly Kettle Plate/Bowl set and make a warming oven to melt your Ham and Cheese Sandwich or in our case, an Irish Reuben - Cheese Melt Sandwich.
Find a master chain link off an old bicycle chain or buy one at your local hardware store.
Put your Kelly Kettle Plates/Bowls on top of one another and drill a small hole through the rim of both Plates.
Put your master chain link up through the hole and secure with the clip of the link. This makes it so you can slide the top lid off to the side to check your food, while holding the bottom Plate/Bowl firmly with your Kelly Kettle Pot Gripper.
Use your Kelly Kettle Pot Gripper to remove your Kelly Kettle oven off of your Hobo Stove. You can also use a split ring or other clip mechanism to hold both plates/bowls together so they don't slide around during the cooking process.

 Small Oven from KK PLates Small Oven from KK PLates