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The Kelly Kettle is the ultimate camping kettle and cook stove to provide hot water and a way to cook in any emergency situation.
Using virtually any fuel (sticks, pine cones, paper, dry leaves, etc) the Kelly Kettle will boil water in 3-5 minutes - irrespective of weather conditions. In fact, the windier - the better it works! So the kettle works in extremely harsh conditions using virtually any fuel you can scavenge. You don't need to buy, store nor carry fuel which makes the Kelly Kettle system hugely popular for emergency preparedness.

The Kelly Kettle checks the boxes for what you need to have in an emergency to survive:

  • Boil Water-Fast for: Rehydrating freeze-dried food / Purify water for drinking / Medical and hygiene uses
  • Controlled heat source to cook on using natural fuel. No cannister fuel required
  • Reliability: No moving parts to break
  • Ease of Use: Everyone can learn to use the Kelly Kettle easily.

The Kelly Kettle with the kit accessories satisfies the some of the most important gear needs you have in an emergency. In a time of emergency you will be so glad you have your Kelly Kettle.

Choose from the following kettle options to meet your emergency prepping needs: 

Three size kettles to choose from:

  • Base Camp - Boils 1.6 litres. Packed Height 33cm Width 18.5cm Suits: Groups, Family Outings, Car Camping, Fishing, Garden Allotments, etc
  • Scout           - Boils 1.2 litres. Packed Height 26.5cm Width 18.5cm Suits: Scouts, Small Groups or Families, Beach, etc.
  • Trekker        - Boils 0.6 litres. Packed Height 26.5cm Width 14cm Suits: 1-2 people, Backpacking, Trekking, Kayaking, Hill Walking, etc.


Bear Grylls, Former British SAS serviceman, Survival Instructor, Adventurer, Writer, TV Presenter & Businessman
"I love my Kelly Kettle!"   Instagram 15.Aug.2016   

Sören Kjellkvist Sweden Professional Adventurer & Environmental Campaigner 

Sören Kjellkvist, Sweden Professional Adventurer & Environmental Campaigner 
"I'm really impressed that Kelly Kettle doesn't require you to bring fuel and that you never run out of it. Just to go picking some more sticks and you have a solution that works indefinitely. It's therefore also very environment friendly. Love it!"

Choose the Ultimate Kelly Kettle Kit: Everything you need to Boil Water, Cook Fast and Survive in an emergency situation

  • Ultimate Kit - Value Deal includes: Kettle, Cook Set, Pot Support, Hobo Camping Stove, Camping Cup Set, Plate Set and Carry Bag. 
  • Basic Kit - includes: Kettle, Cook Set, Pot Support and Carry Bag.


Boil Water - Cook Fast - Survive

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