Chimney Pot Support - Works with all size Kettles (OLD MODEL)

This chimney Pot-Support allows you to cook small amounts of fast-cooking items like Rice, Oatmeal, Soup, Popcorn, etc. over the chimney of your kettle, while your kettle boils. Once the kettle comes to the boil, all should be removed from the chimney top. Do not continue to cook over the top as your kettle may boil dry very quickly. 

The Kettle must always be FULL WITH WATER when using the pot-support.  If your kettle boils dry or is used without water, you may overheat and ruin the inner chimney.

Note: This support works over the chimney only.  Unlike the new model pot/base support, it can NOT be used under the fire base to prevent scorch marks.  Please Click HERE for the new model pot/base support.
Flat Packs for easy storage.
Made from Stainless Steel.

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This Pot Support lets you place the Kelly Cook Set on top of the Kettle as your water boils, thereby harnessing all the heat that is generated in the chimney and ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.

Even in a Storm the Kettle works remarkably well - hence the Pot-Support allows for an element of cooking even in extremely harsh weather conditions. If more fuel is required as you cook/boil up, simply remove your pot/pan using the gripper handle (all in our cook set) and feed additional fuel through the Pot Support. You don't need to remove the pot support from the chimney when refuelling. When you have finished cooking, allow time for the pot-support to cool. Then it can be disassembled, flat-packed and inserted up the chimney of the kettle for transport.

Enjoy Eco-Friendly, Carbon Neutral cooking!

Note: Only suitable for fast cooking items such as noodles, rice, oatmeal, soup, rehydrating food, re-heating etc.  The Kettle should ALWAYS be full with water when using the pot-support.  Once the Kettle boils, remove any accessories (Pot, Support, etc.) from the Chimney top and remove the Kettle from the Fire-Base.  You can then continue to cook over the fire base using either a) the grill pieces which come with our Cook sets or, b) the Hobo Stove cooking accessory.    

NEVER use the Pot Support on an empty kettle as you will overheat the metal of the inner chimney and ruin your kettle.  

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Informations complémentaires
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