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Be Prepared. It’s the motto of the Scout and Guide movements worldwide and a great mantra for all of us, whether or not we’re members. Recent events here in Europe have impacted people in various ways, some a lot worse than others. But even the luckiest of us are wondering what the colder months ahead will hold, with fuel shortages and price increases all around. This month, we’re sharing some thoughts about preparing for possible power cuts, even if they’re just the result of a typical winter storm. Many of our Kelly Kettle customers have trusted us to provide them with one of the most important parts of their emergency preparedness kits: a way to boil water and cook food. It means a lot to us that people count on their Kelly Kettles to help them through.

Power Cuts - Are You Ready?

1. Sort Out Your Light Sources
We’re used to relying on our phone torches but they won’t necessarily cut it during a power outage. Ideally, prepare one fully charged torch per person and store them in different (known) locations around the house. This way, nobody ever has to stumble far in the dark to find one! Consider investing in a camping lamp for communal spaces. And of course, it’s always nice to have some candles in stock: even if you just use them for atmosphere!

2. Have a Backup Plan For Medical Devices
If someone in your home relies on electronic medical equipment, get in touch (ahead of time) with your electricity supplier and doctor to take advantage of all emergency supports available.

3. Plan How You’ll Charge Your Phone
Mobile phones often get used for anything but making calls. However, a power cut is one time you’ll definitely want communication with the outside world. Charge up a portable power pack and store it somewhere you can find it easily if you need it. Your car or your laptop are also possibilities for charging your phone - but don’t forget they need to have enough energy themselves!

4.Consider How You’ll Keep Warm
If electricity powers your usual heating supplies, make sure you have some alternatives up your sleeve. A portable gas stove is a good way to heat a room quickly, but make sure you know how to use it correctly. An old-school solution is a hot water bottle. One per person, paired with warm blankets will keep everybody cosy till the power comes on again. But how to boil the water?

No surprises here: that’s where the Kelly Kettle comes in!

Using Your Kelly Kettle in Emergencies

Because you don’t need specialist fuel to light and run your Kelly Kettle, you can count on it in even the most surprising of situations. If you live in the countryside, a quick forage outdoors should arm you with plenty of sticks etc. If you live in a more urban area, consider keeping a bag of commercial kindling with your kettle.Among other things, your Kelly Kettle can provide you with:

  • Hot water for drinks, washing and first aid (as well as filling hot water bottles!)
  • A simple way to cook if you usually rely on electricity: You can either add hot water to dry soup/pasta packets or cook with the pot stand/Hobo Stove attachment.
  • A fun focal point to gather round
  • Remember to always use your Kelly Kettle out of doors. Pick a location ahead of time, with some shelter if necessary. However, the kettle’s design means it will stay lit and boil water even if it’s wet and windy. Of course, pay heed to any local weather warnings and only go outside if it’s safe to do so.

    Take a look at the YouTube video below from City Prepping’s channel. You’ll discover just how handy the Kelly Kettle can be when you’re caught on the hop.

    City Prepping with Kelly Kettle

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