Tips for using your Kelly Kettle in bad Weather!

Some recommendations for lighting and using a Kelly Kettle in bad weather:-

1. Keep cut sticks in the chimney of your kettle but make them as long as possible and it doesn’t matter if they stick out of the bag. They will be easy to snap off short for starting up. But burn them long for the quickest boil you’ve ever achieved! :-)

2. Use one of our Plates as a fan to turbo charge the start up and also when you swap over to the Kelly Hobo for cooking. Wood fires occasionally need a little tending and a plate acts as a very useful fan. To get the Kettle roaring you can fan the air hole of the fire-base (not the chimney top!)

3. Collect COTTON fluff from your tumble drier for use as tinder. One swipe with your fire steel will set it alight. A tobacco tin full will hold as much as you need for a week.
Note 1: Hold the scraper where you want the spark to land and PULL the ferrocerium (fire steel) away to make a spark.
Note 2: Don’t collect wool or synthetic fluff, it doesn’t work.

Top Tip if sticks are damp or wet: You can basically use anything to light a fire and then start feeding long sticks (leave them sticking out the top) into the chimney. The heat from the smaller fire below will dry the sticks and they will gravity feed down as the bottom most piece burns! Here in Ireland it can be very difficult to find dry fuel at times so, we use anything we can to start a small fire, then feed longer (usually damp) stick into the chimney using this trick. Try it out ..... it works!