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Useful Links

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Useful Outdoor Tips & Tricks

Leave No Trace / Clean Camping 
The Complete Guide to Wild Camping In The UK and Europe 
The Dos and Don'ts of Wild Camping
Backpacking Tips
Traveling abroad with a Medical Condition
Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint
Emergency Preparedness & Wilderness Survival 

German Government Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Correct Action in Emergency Situations
Wilderness Survival Guide - How To Stay Alive if Lost, Hurt or Stranded  
Bushcraft / Survival tools, tips and ideas
Survival Fishing
Emergency Preparedness Website - America
Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan for your Family 
Surviving Natural Disasters While Camping or Hiking
Useful Survival Tips and Video                              
50 Useful Survival Tips!
42 Experts Share their 3 Best Survival Tips When Lost in the Wilderness
How to Build a wilderness survival shelter with no supplies  
Canning & Preserving Food - Various Resources
Guide to Disaster Preparedness on a Budget
Other Useful Websites

Boy Scouts of America
2800 US Campgrounds, 1400 US Hiking Trails, and over 2500 US Recreation Areas
Search Campsites in the UK
The Scout Association, U.K.
JCR Water - Environmental Wastewater Solutions
Find & book the best Campsites in America