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"I was so happy to win a kettle in one of your competitions, and now I have the whole kit and people are always interested in the kettle when I meet them trekking or canoeing. Thanks again!!" Alix, Poland.  January 14, 2024

"My 3rd Kettle (we use different models for trekking, camping etc), and we now have the whole collection. Customers for 10 years now and we love the new and innovative products." Pamela and Chad, MA. April 17, 2023

"The packaging is great, the whole package look fantasic. It was easy to fire up and use everything. Very happy with my gift." James Thomasson, VA.  January 11, 2023

"I've been using mine for about a month in the back yard before I took it out in the sticks for the first time. I've made several gallons of coffee, dehydrated meals, boiled frozen chicken, and just sat there and enjoyed a small fire. Everything works as it should, and everything in the kit is actually useful. I have a gaggle of stoves from the entire price range; this is not 100% practical, (heavy) but by far the most enjoyable. I was REALLY surprised at just how little fuel you need to cook and boil. Also I love the comfort and ambiance of the small fire. My favorite thing about the Kelly Kettle is ZERO cost of ownership and no waste at all. I came to the realization that gas stoves will cost you money for as long as you own them. Now, I never have to buy fuel again and I'm not putting a mountain of empty canisters in the local landfill. That is at least three different kinds of bad for the environment. I feel better about spending my time in the great outdoors. Here is my one dislike. The carrying bag is beyond flimsy. It didn't survive it's first trip out of the yard. I loaded up my gear drove an hour out, an hour back and, by the time I got home there were seventeen holes in the bag. If you can't carry the kit... It's not very useful, is it? I wish they would have made it out of a good, thick, canvas. Or at least offer a canvas bag separately. Maybe I can make a new bag out of an old pants leg or something. Also I would suggest getting a pocket bellows. If Kelly Kettle sold them in the store I would have bought one for sure. And you should definitely get the orange bung (yes I said bung) for canteen usage. Bottom line... I would 100% recommend this kit. Just have to find a good bag. Maybe one with a shoulder strap. HAPPY OUTDOORSING EVERYBODY!" Nate.  July 2, 2020

"I travel a lot by canoe in the Puget Sound and stop at state parks because all of the rest of the shoreline is privately owned with NO TRESPASSING signs. Rule #1--you are not allowed to burn anything on the ground or on the beach. If you use a wood burning stove, you must carry your own fuel. I have two choices: 1) wood pellets or 2) Fire Disks. I bought a box of the Fire Disks and they work good. Broken in to fourths, they make a very effective fire starter also." SIDETRACK.  June 5, 2020

"AROUND THE WORLD WITH A KELLY KETTLE: I have been travelling around with a kayak and a Kelly Kettle through India and Chile over the last several months, and it has proven to be one of the most well used bits of kit on the whole trip. Usually one for travelling as small and light as possible (aside from a 20kg kayak), it was a bit of a departure from the usual, but from previous experiences in India where petrol stoves work once, then never again, something a bit less complex seemed like a good idea. Spending most of the time living out of the back of a small kayak, space is in short supply, but not having to take petrol was a nice change, and things to burn are never in short supply. In a country where tea, rice, lentils, and noodles are the main foods on the expedition menu, being able to boil water quickly and easily is all that was needed to feed a whole group, and the little hobo stove addition makes frying a couple of onions an easy addition. We have previously managed using the Nepalese technique with 3 rocks and little sticks, but the Kettle makes this so much more efficient and easy when conditions are bad. A kayak isn't what it was designed to fit into, but the 1.2 liter (Scout) model fits well in the back of mine, so if you've got a car, then there's no reason not to have one in the back when you're camping. After a few months of use in India being bashed around in the back of a kayak on class 5 whitewater it was a little mis-shapen and well coated with tar, but was still working as good as new so I flew it (and my kayak) to the other side of the world to Chile for another few months of whitewater kayaking. South Americans love their Mate Tea, which requires constant topping up with hot water, and the Kelly Kettle once again was used almost constantly every day. The simple design is almost a meditative experience, sticks go in the top, and then tea happens. Repeat ad nauseum. Down in Patagonia, the weather doesn't always play nicely and having no other method to cook with than fire, it was a blessing to be able to easily make a fire with damp wood and strong wind. The little pan stand for in the top of the kettle I never found myself needing to use, but the hobo stove was used daily, and the little grill is ideal for a couple of sausages or BBQing an orange. Having a pan set that fits in the kettle along with everything else means one little bag is all that's needed to cook and keep people happy with a constant supply of water for tea and coffee on a lazy morning." Lee Royle, UK Adventure Kayaker.  January 20, 2019

"An outfitter introduced me to the Kelly Kettle while I was canoe tripping in northern Scotland a few years back. I got a quick boil going during a very soggy downpour. I fell in love with this stove then and there and haven't looked back since. I pack the smaller Trekker model on most canoe trips I do in Canada and use the Base Camp model for trips when there will be less need for packing and portaging, especially winter trekking. The Hobo Stove also goes with me on every trip. It's one of the best stick stoves around, adding incredible versatility to my cook system." Kevin Callan, Author, Film Maker and renowned Canadian Canoeist.  November 6, 2018

"Please see attached 2 photos, that show your product performing fantastically in -5 degC. The fuel I used was recovered from the woods around the frozen lake; A bit of crunched up news paper, some leaves and plenty of recovered twigs and small branches. Ironically the gas and meths stoves that I carry in my car as back ups would not ignite. The water still boiled inside five minutes. Your Kelly kettle is without doubt one of the most efficient and practical stoves I have owned in over 30 years of outdoor living, thank you. Regards" Kevin Amaira, Testimonial...your product performing fantastically in -5 deg C.  August 17, 2018

"I enjoyed boiling water in my completely full Kelly Kettle base camp at -23 Celsius in about 3 minutes recently using wood gathered around my yard. Frank Heegaard, Illinois, USA," Frank Heegaard, Illinois, USA  February 14, 2018

"I'm really impressed that Kelly Kettle doesn't require you to bring fuel and that you never run out of it. Just to go picking some more sticks and you have a solution that works indefinitely. It's therefore also very environment friendly. Love it!" Sören Kjellkvist Sweden Professional Adventurer & Environmental Campaigner  January 24, 2018

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased with the Kelly Kettle. I bought a 2 pint kettle a few years ago, and it has been a great thing to have around. I live in the forest in Norway and live without electricity. I have a woodstove which I use for heating and cooking. In the summer, I don't need to use the stove for heating the house, and then the kettle really comes into its own. When I need some hot water, I only have to use the kettle. This saves enormously on firewood, and is a quick way to make that all important cup of morning tea. I thought you might like to get some positive feedback. Kind regards" J, Norway  December 31, 2017

"I used my kettle this weekend, it got windy and it snowed. The people with me could not boil water with their pocket stove because of the wind. I made them all tea. As I told them, smaller isn't always better." Jim, California  November 19, 2017

"Dear Sir/Madam, I have been using a Kelly Kettle now for quite a while now, about 5 years and I have always found it to be an invaluable piece of equipment. My kettle has been used extensively while doing bush craft and survival activities and also when out on exercises with HM Forces army. Recently I was involved in the British Army's Cambrian Patrol as safety and support and in one day alone my kettle was used and brought to boil over 30 times in one day, providing myself and other people with hot water. Every one that has seen my kettle in action has remarked on how good it is and I know of two people that have gone out and bought one for themselves." Paul Biggin, UK  August 29, 2017

"Dear Kelly Kettle people, I am, and always have been, a big fan of the Kelly Kettle. It was really interesting to read about how it was developed. Would you believe we used to use it on family camping holidays in England in the late 50's! My dad loved it, my mum hated it! My parents grew up in Ireland, so I suppose that's how my father knew about it. He was a very practical person and loved low-tech solutions, and was always a bit ahead of the times. Since then I have used the kettle a lot on camping trips and especially when playing music with a travelling band, and have given it as special present to several people who I knew would appreciate it. I'm going to buy one for myself, not only for camping, but also to ensure that I can still make a cup of tea if there is a power cut! Thank you for maintaining the integrity of this brilliant product. Very best wishes to you" Sally Jones, UK  May 23, 2017

"Hi, I was introduced to the Kelly Kettle when a friend came by for dinner one Christmas with a copy of "A Passion for Angling." We watched all 6 hours on Christmas Day. I was intrigued by the kettle Chris and Bob were boiling their tea water in. I thought something like that would be perfect for winter trout fishing here in North Carolina. Another friend in London arranged to have one drop shipped to me from Farlow's in the early 90's, before they were readily available in the US. The kettle lives in my fly fishing bag, so is a constant companion on every outing. I really like the fact that a zip lock bag with coffee, soup, hot choc., paper cups, spoons and matches conveniently fit into the cavity, keeping everything together in the storage bag. An excellent, and well thought out product. Thank you, Kelly Kettle." Bruce, North Carolina, U.S.A.  February 15, 2017

"Hello Kelly Kettle Team, I purchased a large stainless Kelly Kettle from you ( a couple of weeks ago. This weekend was my first time using it. I went out to the desert with a group of about a dozen friends - we try to get in a couple of these camping trips each year. The area we camp in is often very windy, and even car camping with propane stoves, it can be a bit of a struggle to get coffee going in the morning. I'm definitely a morning coffee person, which sparked my interest in your kettle. It worked great. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. With a few bits of dry grass and twigs harvested from around our site I had water boiling in a few minutes. Into the French press it went and a few minutes later we were having gourmet coffee with our breakfast. Since the capacity of my French press is only about eight cups, I just left the kettle on the base with the embers going, and as more people woke up I added a few more pieces of kindling. The next round of water - and the next - boiled even more quickly. The Kettle Kelly generated a lot of interest and discussion too. Several people asked where I got it, so I'm sending them all the link to your site - I hope it generates a bit of business. Thanks for making this great product available. I'm going to be using it quite a bit." Shane B, USA.  August 29, 2016

"Bear Grylls - Instagram - I love my Kelly Kettle!" Bear Grylls.  August 22, 2016

"Patrick & Seamus: Just a note. Here in northern Minnesota we have been having Monsoon type weather, 34 of the last 41 days we have had rain! Constant and often very heavy rain! The lakes here are more than a foot above normal. That is a lot for here! When camping in this weather, your Kelly Kettle has a distinct advantage! The fire pan on the bottom keeps the actual fire out of the mud and we have a lot of that! The fire is enclosed so it does not rain out or blow out. Using the cook top with the pot not only cooks the stew but it provides an umbrella for the fire below! It has worked more than a half a dozen times in the last couple of months! A number of people here have gotten them just for "Rain meals!" I really like my stainless models too! We have three sizes! I don't know which gets more use, the Kelly or my cast iron dutch oven? Thanks! Tom Larson, Hackensack, MN. U.S.A. The Land of 10,000 Lakes." Tom Larson, Hackensack, MN. U.S.A.  May 23, 2016

"I just tried my new Base Camp Kelly Kettle. It works EXACTLY as promised. From the time I put match to tinder until just under a half gallon of water was at a rolling boil took 6 minutes ( I timed it). I will be recommending the Kelly Kettle to everyone I know. At 52 years old, I have spent many happy times hiking, camping and canoeing around the upper Midwest. My only regret is that I hadn't heard about Kelly Kettles 30 years ago. It will be an essential part of my gear from now on. Thank You So Much !!!" Richard Larson. February 16, 2016

"Dear Kelly Kettle, My Kettle arrived this afternoon! Thank you very much. This afternoon I boiled several kettlefuls of water and made a cuppa tea. I was very much impressed with the efficiency of the kettle. Even if I let the fire burn down to embers with no visible flames, the kettle was easy to start up again. I boiled my first quantity of water in about three minutes. I used birch bark and lint from a clothes dryer as tinder.... At the moment I have the kettle packed into my backback (rucksack) and find the kettle doesn't take much room at all. I will using the Kettle as much as I can over the next weeks to gain experience. I also intend on cooking on it as well, although I'm not a very good cook even at home! I noticed on your Facebook page that you were testing a "HOBO" cooker with the Kettle. If you are developing a HOBO cooker for my size of Kettle (The Trekker) I would like to order one for my Kettle. Thank you very much Kelly Kettle!" Graham Lloyd, Victoria BC Canada.  November 17, 2015

"Dear Patrick & Seamus, Just got the little 0.57l stainless Kelly Kettle delivered a few days ago. It works like a charm. This really is one of the best products I ever bought. Also the manufacturing quality is exceptional. I am absolutely enthusiastic about the whole product, your friendly and helpful advice I got before ordering and also the quick delivery. Even in rainy and windy weather (what we have a lot of here in Switzerland) it works as intended and really does not need a lot of natural fuel to bring the water to boil. As soon as the large stainless version will be available again, I'll buy (at least) one. Kelly Kettles are here in Switzerland mostly unknown although outdoor sport activities (camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, boating, skiing, to just name a few) are very popular and also lots of sporting goods stores and chains do exist. That's a pity. Again, mny thanks and keep up the good work you are doing!" David Schweizer, Switzerland.  August 9, 2015

"Hello Kelly family, we´ve had our kettle now for 12 years or so and it´s been a trusty companion in West Africa, the Yorkshire Dales, many parts of Spain, and ít´s off again in a week or so to France. It really is an essential item for any traveller/camper, and I am always amazed when people have never heard of it. If I ever get to go on Desert Island discs, it will be my luxury item. Cheers and good luck." Alison, Spain.  June 23, 2014

"Hello Kelly Kettle, I’ve just done a review of you Kettle on my blog at We have no immersion heater or electric kettle in our house, so the kettle gets used most days of the year, in the summer many times every day. Your kettle stood up to 5 years of this very heavy use and we now on our second. Anyway the story is on my blog. Regards," Kevin Sweeney. Ireland.  June 23, 2014

"Just wanted to offer up my thanks for this truly amazing item you produce. Being a long practicing Bushcraft fanatic I have spent a lot of time boiling pots over the camp fire, or spending money on gas for stoves. But, the addition of the Kelly Kettle to my pack has made my pack lighter and my camp truly more comfortable. Thank you!!" Carl Donovan.  June 23, 2014

"Fantastic service, prompt delivery and a truly superb piece of kit for camping trips......thanks to all at the Kelly Kettle Co. JEAN D'SA, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E." JEAN D'SA, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.  June 22, 2014

"I ordered my kettle on Sunday 16th and it came today. I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful service. Price is right, delivery time was right, and the kettle is awesome. Me and daughter did our first burn tonight for hot vimto and very quickly had the neighbours around seeing what the 'woos' and 'aaahhhs' were all about. We are off camping soon and now wont have to take all the cooking stuff we usually take. Once again thank you guys." Simon Lowe, UK,  June 22, 2014

"Hi guys, A few mates recently help me christen my new KK on a Nile-side camping trip in the Sahara, where we experimented with a range of animal dungs. Classes included heat and durability, smoke and stink (before and after), and a special prize for anyone who could get one of the girls to handle the poo without realising. Overall Winner? Camel. Cow had to be broken up by hand (too yuck), Goat burned well but too fast. Cow also smoked a lot - maybe it wasn't quite dry enough... Keep up the good work - I'm certainly getting a cook set next time I'm home!" Alex, UN, Khartoum, Sudan,  June 22, 2014

"Thanks so much. We love it and it arrived amazingly quickly, only 3 days to the house. Brilliant service!! All the best. Stephanie, Madrid, Spain" Stephanie, Madrid, Spain,  June 22, 2014

"Last summer me and my dad went to Alaska to do some gold panning in Chicken. We stayed in his pop up camper and used the Kelly Kettle every day! Whether we were boiling water for tea, or making top ramen, the Kelly Kettle is what we used to cook pretty much everything. Here is our Kelly Kettle action shot! Thanks" Bryan and Whitney, Alaskan Trip,  June 21, 2014

"I received my Kelly Kettle today. Being the skeptic I am I took it out of the box and immediately fired it up to see if it worked as good as advertised. I was not disappointed too say the least. The temp outside was -5F with about a 10 mph wind. I used birch paper (bark) as tinder and broke off twigs from some spruce and birch trees. The water boiled with just a handful of twigs within five minutes. The Jet Boil will be a thing of the past I am thinking. I am going to lend the kettle it out to all the guys I hunt with. I along with them are very critical of new gear because it is not a matter of if you are going to get stuck in the bush but when. I think people sometimes overlook the fact that simplicity can also work exceptionally well. Thanks Kirk" Kirk, Alaska,  June 21, 2014

"Dear Kelly Kettle Co, Your Kettle has arrived and the children love it... when I ask them what's the best thing about forest schools they all say 'Hot Chocolate and the Kelly kettle' - its made such a difference and given us a real focus for each session. Kay Bundy, Freemantle CofE Community Academy" Kay Bundy, Freemantle CofE Community Academy,  June 21, 2014

"I do a lot of desert hiking searching for deer antler sheds and in the summer, amateur fossil hunting. I live in a semi-arid pine forest foothills area, so pine-needles, pine cones, dead yucca and tumbleweeds are my usual fuel. All I can say is !!HOLY FRACK THAT THING IS FAST!! BIG WINNER, HANDS DOWN! I used to carry an alcohol stove to limit weight. That cut short my field time a lot. I've added stove weight due to the kettle, but when I cut out fuel, I've cut my total stove/fuel pack weight IN HALF! Now the only limit I have is how much food I can carry. Excellent product, well done. Many thanks." Stryngfellow D. Lloyd,  June 19, 2014

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks for getting my base camp kettle to me so promptly! I am in Australia; I ordered it just ten days or so ago and it arrived yesterday. I was so very keen to try it as i have and love a trekker, but wanted to be able to boil enough waterto fill a thermos in one go. This morning i tried the base camp for the first time. It was fantastic! With a few bits of tissue, waste cardboard, and a handful of dry grass, bark and twigs, i had my thermos of boiled water in about 5 minutes, with almost no smoke. The beauty of this for me, is that as a permaculturist, it matters to me not to use non-renewable energy unecessarily. For me the kelly kettles are not really for camping, but for everyday life. They are so quick and easy to use - barely more effort and time than boiling an electric or stovetop kettle. And I enjoy that few minutes of relaxation while i tend the kettle. Plus i dont have to earn moneyto pay for the fuel. Rather, living in one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world (Dandenong Ranges, Victoria), I can simply use garden waste that would have to be cleaned up and likely burned before the bushfire season, to boil my water and cook some of my food. So as we permies say, 'the problem is the solution'... Thank you so much for a great product and for such prompt and reliable service..." Kerry Dawborn, Australia,  June 17, 2014

"Hello Kelly Kettle Company! I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I was with my purchase. I just came back from a 3 day camping trip and took my brand new KK Scout in place of my gas fired campstove. I was able to boil water for coffee, scramble up some eggs for breakfast, fry up several burgers for lunch and cook hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, AMAZING! My girlfriend, who was somewhat skeptical when she saw the Kettle, was amazed at the amount of heat it generated just from twigs, sticks and bark. It got so hot, in fact that it slightly warped the aluminum lid for the pot which I was using as a fry pan (no worries, it still fits just fine). The base works great on its own as a cookstove - it generates more than enough heat to cook a decent meal. I love the fact that I don't have to carry fuel around, and it will make a great addition to my emergency kit. My only concern is that it took me so long to hear about the Kelly Kettle . . .every camper, survival geek, or outdoorsperson NEEDS a Kelly Kettle in their kit pack. Thank you for making such a great product! Very Sincerely," Jeff Behn, Boston, MA USAJune 17, 2014

"Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt and efficient service. From Ireland to Australia in 8 days is fantastic. We took our kettle camping this weekend and had great fun mastering the fine art of the right amount of fire and fuel. Joy Wilkinson, Australia" Joy Wilkinson,  June 16, 2014

"Greetings from Finland. Received your Big kettle week ago and now had a chance to test it. We were really impressed how fast and easy with it was to boil water in forest conditions. Almost faster than electric boiler. You can load it ready and in the morning just but match inside and do your morning manouvers and water is ready (almost as fast as brushing teeth). Now i have ordered your smaller one :-) So simple, so fast and easy. No more gas or liquid burners for us. Safer and lighter."   Harri BläuerJune 16, 2014

"Dear Kelly Kettle company, I'd like to give you a thumbs up for your superfast service. Shipped 28th, arrived 31st in the Netherlands. That is amazingly fast. Besides that I noticed that shipping charges on the box were 10 Euro, whereas you only charge your customers 5! One hardly sees that in the internet shopping mall nowadays. I haven't had the time to try out the kettle yet, but will do so soon and hope to take it on a Bushcraft or hiking trip soon as well. Kind regards"  Sebastian Aller, The Netherlands. June 16, 2014

"Hello, I purchased a large Kelly kettle today to use for backwoods camping. What a fine piece of gear. I lit it up in the yard and boiled two kettles of water in no time. Simple and sturdy, and I find it light in weight for the size. Cheers!"  Ian Lafferty, Ontario,  June 15, 2014

"Good afternoon; We received our Kelly Kettle (1.5L Stainless steel base-camp model) a couple of days ago and I've been chomping at the bit to try it out. I worked with it today and it was amazing how easily it boiled two complete pots of water in under 15 minutes. I found that paper from a phone book worked real well to get the fire started. I will never carry a thermos into the woods again and plan on using the Kelly Kettle. Having a piping hot cup of herb tea in the woods was a new and great experience!"  Dennis Klotter, Tennessee, U.S.A. June 13, 2014

"Hi there all at the Kelly kettle co. Our kettle arrived on time on the due date. We lit it and boiled water to wash it out as requested on the instructions. We went for a walk in the Mendip hills and enjoyed a hot tea. using dead hazel sticked collected on the way. Its brilliant. And surprisingly quick. Using an old boy scout trick of lining the inside with soap it cleaned up after we got back no problems. (just wash your hands with normal soap and wipe the lather all over the inside surfaces.) Many thanks. "  Matt Jones, New Zealand  June 13, 2014

"Many Thanks for your prompt service. Even the atrocious weather did not delay my Base Camp Kettle arriving in 3 days. The first attempt at using it I re-cycled the box for fuel and within 4 mins had enough water for 6 mugs of coffee FANTASTIC. I can't wait to get out and use it while camping. No more hanging about for a brew while trying to shield the gas stove and how much money will it save me and more importantly better for the environment. Thank You once again for my belated Christmas Present from Santa." Anne Craig, U.K. June 11, 2014

"Thought you might like to know about my old Kelly, I got it as a Christmas present in 2003 when you were in Lemmington Spa. Since then it has been all round Europe, the Middle East (was a great novalty in Egypt) and as far south as Australia. It has never let me down or given me cause to regret ever having it, it is currently my sole form of cooking as I explore the rivers of the U.K. by canoe. Great product and would lost without it." Harry Pickford, U.K. August 5, 2013

"To the Kelly Kettle folks. Im in the bush a lot fishing and have been using a small alcohol burner for quite sometime. I had a pretty bad incident last year and spilt the burning stove all down one leg. I got burnt pretty severely. So i decided i needed to look for something different for my coffee breaks and cooking of meals that you just pour hot water on.I found out about the Kelly Kettle on a UK camping/fishing site via the net. I ended up purchasing a small one from a dealer of yours (Lee Valley Tools) here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I am so impressed with this little unit. It goes everywhere i go now. I love the idea that a company can be over a 100 years old and still family run. Especially with a simple but effective product. I'm most impressed" David D., Canada. June 11, 2013