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Are you starting to prepare for your summer holidays? Perhaps you’re going away for a week or two, or maybe you’re planning some day trips in the months ahead.

Regardless, it’s the time of year when we dream about what we can do with these (hopefully) warmer and dryer days.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our Kelly Kettle Summer Bucket List. It’s full of ideas for making your Kelly Kettle part of your summer adventures. Our activities can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you’ve used a Kettle for years or you’re just about to light one up for the first time.

We’ve even included photos from some of our great Kelly Kettle social media influencers to inspire you.

Muddy Souls

1. Make a perfect cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate
This is one of the first things most of us do when we get a new Kelly Kettle. But even if you’ve had yours for years, why not branch out? Experiment with a blend, flavour or method you’ve never tried before. Paul Rooney of Muddy Souls Adventures has the right idea. Follow him on Instagram @paulrooney90.

Woodland Burnup

2. Gather with friends around your Kelly Kettle
We got used to outdoor gatherings during the pandemic, but they’re always an enjoyable way to catch up with friends and loved ones. Worried about the rain? Our durable tarp will keep your group dry. Thanks to Martin Hughes-Games for this happy picture of “a woodland burn-up”.

Polar Academy

3. Introduce the Kelly Kettle to someone younger than you
Share the fun and teach a younger relative or friend to use the Kelly Kettle. You’ll be setting them up to enjoy outdoor life for years to come. Naturally, make sure you do so in a safe and age-appropriate way. Kenny Noble of The Polar Academy sent us this great picture of youngsters learning how to use their Kettles.

4. Bring your Kelly Kettle gardening
Lots of people enjoy bringing their Kelly Kettles to their allotments. But even if you’re working in your own little patch (or helping someone else), why not use your Kettle to make the most of your time in the fresh air? Here’s one more picture from Martin Hughes-Games. This time, he’s using his Kettle for a tea break in the garden.

Kelly Kettle Base Camp

5. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset with your Kelly Kettle
Pick a clear, dry morning or evening and head outside for a magical experience. Choose a spot with a good view that’s also safe for lighting up your Kettle. And, of course, don’t forget your camera! Thanks to Kazia Kozlowska for this beautiful shot.

Kazia Kozlowska

6. Toast a marshmallow on your Kelly Kettle
This simple pleasure brings back happy childhood memories for many. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, who can resist that smokey sweetness? Take a look at Margaret Black’s effort, toasted over the embers in her Kettle’s fire base.

Margaret Black

7. Take a road trip with your Kelly Kettle
Hit the road to somewhere you’ve never been before, even if it’s only a few kilometres away. Spend some time soaking up the atmosphere of a new place while your Kettle bubbles away. Look closely to spy the Kelly Kettle in this atmospheric shot from @onlyaroadtripaway.


8. Light up beside the water
There’s nothing like listening to the relaxing trickle of a stream or the mighty roar of the ocean. Bring your Kettle to a riverbank, lakeshore or beach and recharge in the great outdoors.Why not copy Primrose from @primroseskitchen (on Instagram) and tuck into a healthy breakfast by the sea?


9. Light up at a height
Make your way to the top of a hill or mountain that boasts breathtaking views. If you’re not feeling up to a hike, simply drive to a scenic lookout point before boiling up the Kettle. Follow Paul Nicholaides’ example as he takes in the sights in Holmfirth, England.

Paul Nicholaides

10. Cook something new on your Kelly Kettle
Do you use your Kettle regularly for camp cooking? Or have you yet to prepare your first meal with it? Either way, make this the summer you try some different flavours with your Kettle’s cooking equipment. Visit our Accessories page to find everything you need. Caroline Dawson (@sup_lass on Instagram) used her fire base and grill to prepare a tasty Welsh beef bap beside a lock on the Montgomery Canal.

Caroline Dawson (@sup_lass on Instagram)

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