What about a Handle on the side of the Kettle?

Several years ago we asked our customers which handle they would prefer....
First Option: The current bail type handle (like a bucket) over the top? or,
Second Option: A Jug type handle on the side?

The overwhelming majority chose the existing bail style handle for the following reasons:

1. The Bail handle allows the Kettle to be carried comfortably by your side to either a) easily transport cold water from a nearby water source or, b) bring boiling water safely around the campsite to where it may be needed.

2. A jug type handle requires more wrist strength and dexterity which many younger and older users may not have! A full SST 'Base Camp' kettle will weigh approximately 2.6kg and would require the user to stoop/bend over much lower to get a safe grip on the handle for lifting off the fire-base. That is simply not comfortable or even possible for some elderly and young kettle users. Such exaggerated bending also brings the users face over the chimney and smoke - which is definitely not a good thing!

Our smaller 'Trekker' Kettle holds less water (0.6 ltrs) and therefore is lighter. So, it would be possible (from a weight and safety perspective) to put a handle on the side of the Trekker kettle for pouring. But, we still have issues 1 & 2 above which customers were quick to highlight.

Therefore, the safer, more convenient and more comfortable Bail handle design remains! ;-)

Lifting the Kelly Kettle