Whistle for 'Base Camp' and 'Scout' Kelly Kettles

Whistle for the Kelly Kettle 'Base Camp' and 'Scout' models.   Metal whistle inserted into soft green rubber. GREEN for GO!   This will retro-fit most of our older model kettles also.

  • Whistle tapers from 49mm down to 45mm.
  • Whistle, Clip and Split-ring provided. Chain not included.

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    Whistle for Kelly Kettle 'Base Camp' and 'Scout' models. Metal whistle inserted into soft green rubber which will retro-fit older models of these size kettle also.  We chose rubber as it's easy and safe to insert/remove and will not get stuck (a metal whistle can become stuck on the metal water spout with expansion/contraction from heat).  Clip and Split-ring provided.  Chain not included.  

    Note: Does not fit the smaller 'Trekker' Kettle. We have a smaller whistle coming before Christmas for that ;-)

    Instructions for use:

    1. Slightly UNDERFILL the kettle with water.  Fill it to perhaps 15mm (over half inch) below the water spout. Please see red line in picture.

    2. Place the GREEN Kelly Kettle whistle LOOSELY and GENTLY into the water spout of your kettle.  Always ensure that the arrow is pointed down toward the ground as, this will direct any escaping steam safely downward.

    3. DO NOT press the whistle into the spout as we want to be able to easily remove it when the kettle has boiled.

    4. Boil your kettle as normal (please refer to the instruction leaflet that is provided with each kettle).

    5. When boiled, remove the kettle from the fire base and place on level ground.  Allow the water to settle for approximately 1 minute.  Hold the handle of the kettle with one hand.  Then with your other hand, place your index finger in the split ring and your thumb on the opposite side of the whistle. Gently lift the whistle away.  Never use a jerking motion nor excessive force to remove the whistle.

    6. Follow the instruction leaflet (supplied with your kettle) on the correct way to lift and pour the kettle. 

     Kelly Kettle Whistle (for Base Camp and Scout Models) Safely Removing the Kelly Kettle Whistle



    • Avoid filling the water chamber to the top as the water will overflow and spit out the whistle (in the ‘Point Down’ direction) when the water boils.
    • Never stand in front of the kettle spout, always to the side or rear of the kettle.
    • Always keep children away from the kettle when in use.  The kettle is not a toy and when using or working with boiling water, caution must be exercised at all times.
    • Never use your Kettle when the water chamber is empty and do not allow your kettle to boil dry as this will damage the kettle.


    Informacje dodatkowe
    Informacje dodatkowe
    Zip Nie
    Diameter 49mm tapering down to 45mm
    Item Weight Nie
    Product Capacity Nie
    Height 27.5 mm
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    My kids like the sound of the whistle as it means the hot chocolate is ready!
    Recently purchased the Scout Kit and really impressed so far. The green whistle is a nice addition as I have 3 kids who insist on boiling the kettle for hot chocolate and there is great excitement when the whistle sounds off! :-) :-) Review by Jake R (Dodano 25.10.2018)
    Whistle a must have !
    Just a great device and the Greene colour is beautiful & appropriate for pure clean water from wood Review by Stumpico (Dodano 17.02.2018)
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