Why was my Order Declined / Cancelled?

If an order is automatically 'Declined' or 'Cancelled' right after the payment stage, it is because the Credit Card Transaction was declined by your Credit Card provider.  In this case, please contact your Card provider. 

The two main reasons for a Card been declined are: 
1) Insufficient funds, or......
2) Your Bank suspect it is a fraudulent transaction and block the transaction to protect your account. If this happens to you, simply contact your Credit Card provider about the failed order attempt.  When they know it was a genuine attempt by you to make a purchase, they will ease the fraud settings and you will then be free to use your card to complete a purchase with us.

If you have received an Order Number from us (e.g. 1000#####) via e-mail, then we will already have all your Order & Contact details.  So, we can simply call you on the number provided and take your card details over the phone to complete the order.  Note: We do not store customers Credit Card details so a quick call should see your order completed in full.  

So, if you receive a 'Declined' or 'Cancelled' message, please contact your bank first and then let us know when you are ready to proceed.  We will then call you for payment and get your order shipped.   :-)