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Lee Royle, U.K. Adventure Kayaker
AROUND THE WORLD WITH A KELLY KETTLE: I have been travelling around with a kayak and a Kelly Kettle through India and Chile over the last several months, and it has proven to be one of the most well used bits of kit on the whole trip........ view more...»
Kevin Callan, Author, Film Maker and renowned Canadian Canoeist
An outfitter introduced me to the Kelly Kettle while I was canoe tripping in northern Scotland a few years back. I got a quick boil going during a very soggy downpour. view more...»
Sören Kjellkvist Sweden Professional Adventurer & Environmental Campaigner
I'm really impressed that Kelly Kettle doesn't require you to bring fuel and that you never run out of it. Just to go picking some more sticks and you have a solution that works indefinitely. It's therefore also very environment friendly. Love it! view more...»
Bear Grylls, I love my Kelly Kettle!

Bear Grylls - I love my Kelly Kettle!

Instagram 15.Aug.2016

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Kevin Amaira, Testimonial...your product performing fantastically in -5 deg C.

Please see attached 2 photos, that show your product performing fantastically in -5 degC. The fuel I used was recovered from the woods around the frozen lake; A bit of crunched up news paper, some leaves and plenty of recovered twigs and small branches. Ironically the gas and meths stoves that I carry in my car as back ups would not ignite. The water still boiled inside five minutes. Your Kelly kettle is without doubt one of the most efficient and practical stoves I have owned in over 30 years of outdoor living, thank you. - Regards Kevin Amaira

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Frank Heegaard, Illinois, USA

"I enjoyed boiling water in my completely full Kelly Kettle base camp at -23 Celsius in about 3 minutes recently using wood gathered around my yard."  Jan.2014  
Frank Heegaard, Illinois, USA,

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Jim, California

"I used my kettle this weekend, it got windy and it snowed. The people with me could not boil water with their pocket stove because of the wind. I made them all tea.

As I told them, smaller isn't always better." 

Jim - California

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Paul Biggin, U.K.

Dear Sir/Madam
I have been using a Kelly Kettle now for quite a while now, about 5 years and I have always found it to be an invaluable piece of equipment. My kettle has been used extensively while doing bush craft and survival activities and also when out on exercises with HM Forces army. Recently .........

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Sally Jones, U.K.

Dear Kelly Kettle people,

I am, and always have been, a big fan of the Kelly Kettle. It was really interesting to read about how it was developed. Would you believe we used to use it on family camping holidays in England in the late 50's! My dad loved it, my mum hated it! My parents grew up in Ireland, so I suppose that's how my father knew about it. .........

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Bruce, North Carolina, U.S.A.

I was introduced to the Kelly Kettle when a friend came by for dinner one Christmas with a copy of "A Passion for Angling."  We watched all 6 hours on Christmas Day.  I was intrigued by the kettle Chris and Bob were boiling their tea water in.  I thought something like that would be perfect for winter trout fishing here in North Carolina.  Another friend in London arranged to have one drop shipped to me from Farlow's in the early 90's, before they were readily available in the US.

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